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Quick question about cops

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Gixxer6, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Just curious, but if at night does'nt a cop have to have either a parking light on or a headlight or something in order to tag you for speeding. Or at least to give you a ticket?
  2. No thats one thing the don't need to do is give us warning that they will be there,thats where those radar detectors have to come in, why where did you get pulled over at and how fast were you going??

  3. right at longfellow and monroe i think. they were in the school parkinglot, completley not visible. i was goin like 20 over. they wer really cool. I didnt get a ticket or anything. The first thing they said to me was that they were hoping i would run so that they could chase me. But i was just curious.
  4. Ya they do love to "chase" bikes. Seeing that the only way the ever catch them is because of plate #'s.
  5. State law does not dictate a visible police officer when using "sped traps". Oregon law DOES require visibility of the LEO at the time of infraction, so some people get it confused with washington.

  6. wow, that's messed up
  7. That's fucked up. That's really fucked up. :x The good thing was they didn't cite you.8)
  8. Nothing says you have to be able to see them for you to be caught breaking the law. Sorry.
  9. That's funny about the chasing comment. I know County has a no pursuit of policy regarding bikes. The only time they would chase you on a bike is if you were a imminent danger to the public ie violent felon.
  10. The reason for a no pursuit policy is, like mentioned above, is the operator a threat to society? If not, why cause a danger to society by starting or continuing the pursuit?
  11. to chase or not is a "policy", not a law.
  12. Get a plate numbered 11I1II1

    ...and then mount it upside down.:thefinge:
  13. well since I'm in law enforcement maybe I can help. the plate idea wont really help.... nothing is faster than a radio....radar detectors... waste of money, if the cops using the radar correctly all the detector will do is let you know your caught. speeding.... well he/she doesn't have to be visible to the public, although it is preferred, and you can be cited for reckless endangerment/driving regardless of the actual speed. my advice? dont drive /ride like an asshole and you dont have to worry about it. By the way I just gave the governor almost 200.00 for my lil love of speed
  14. It seems to me that the 5-0 overlook my little infractions much more often when I am on my bike as opposed to driving my truck. It seems that if your not being a total a-hole they let it slide a bit.

    Now if we can just get them to legalize traffic cutting, that would be sweeeeeeet.
  15. Are you really a cop??? You got ticketed on your bike? I talked with two officers who ride and they said that they flash their badges (while riding if necessay and they said sometimes at 100+) and they are left alone.
  16. He's an Airforce cop
  17. bikenut

    bikenut Crazy Bad Ass BITCH

    First - it's fucked up they wanted you to run - but on the other hand, no citation.

    Nice...thanks for the contribution

    Depends, it is an officer's duty to enforce the law. My ex FIL cop and yea, 99% of the time you skate but they have every right to be cited just like us. Usually when this happens they are from two different jurisdictions. Most don't site others, well, cuz it's like bitch slapping another PNW'r as seen it recent weeks - it just causes drama..