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Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by nakedrider, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. What the hell is going on Here? Where are all the ride updates, or other post?

    Someone needs to either hit this site with the paddles to jump start it, or just pull the plug:rant
  2. R-Steve-R

    R-Steve-R suzukigixxer

    yea what happened to beans posting bike nights when things were slow

  3. :popcorn:
  4. Who said it was a goodbye thread? Just wondering what it would take to revive this pony.
  5. More like what happened to beans--have not heard or seen a post
    for quite sometime from him.

    On a second note where or what is happening with the
    PNWRiders stickers. Just hope I live long enough to put one on the
    bike. :mfclap:
  6. I think you can find them at the Goodwill.crackup:
  7. My prayers go out to this falling sub-forum...
  8. Sounds like a personal problem.

    Instead of bitching about it, feel free to change it by posting up worthwhile threads.
  9. I see posts for threads for rides with nil responses here in Portland with a large base. Either everyone isn't riding because no money(likely) or time(weak). However if a post has one of the favorite posters or any women then the ride gets popular. Hmmm why is that? Sounds like resting on the couch cherry picking then blaming others for no "rides".
  10. Was waiting for your valuable opinion. :thefinge:
  11. hmm... typical PNW response. Actual question followed by whiny or bitchy responses.
    To me, that is why this forum is dying off.
    Same few people posting the same responses time and time again.
    I am guessing that quite a few people don't want to deal with the internet forum BS anymore.
    Rides are not posted because people are not publicly announcing them anymore, but they are still happening.

    Ok... let the whining and bitching start in response to what I wrote... I already know what is going to be typed up, because I have read your other posts. Unless this time you are creative.... but do I care? meh...
  12. The Portland area seems to have some activity, down here people just aren't using PNW much anymore. If someone doesn't stir the pot, the site goes dead for days. Then I have to come on and bait Melbs into shaking his dick at everyone.:nana
  13. Hey Eli, you mean you weren't surprised by who responded?
  14. Not one bit.... hence why I don't really use this forum much. Not much value here. Entertaining I guess... but that's it.
    If I were you NR, I would spend more time on Wiley's forum. Much more useful.
    All the good people we like to ride with, plus some new ones... none of the stupid crap like the above.
    Just sayin'...
  15. I hear ya Eli, I need to spend more time there, but I just keep hoping that someday I can be as cool as "HIM". Trolling instead of riding, tough talking my keyboard and just spitting incredible nuggets of wisdom.
  16. I heard he doesn't spit... he swallows :mfclap: crackup:
  17. +1