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Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by nakedrider, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Probably gonna take Jesus to raise this bitch from the dead Eric.

  2. Start a new thread so the Washington trolls can shit all over it.
  3. I'm sitting in a recliner, instead of on the Daytona...might as well do something useful, like bumping this thread lol.

    Hope everyone is having a great day today...It's so beautiful outside!!!

    I did get a solid straight slab ride in this morning from taking the Daytona down to Eugene.
  4. You should have gone on this ride... :evil4:
  5. Wanted to...and would have, if the bike had been available to go that direction. With the other obligations mentioned, it would have been around 6 or 7pm by the time I made it to the meet point...
  6. It shall not die!

    Thanks for the bump Mel.
  7. I've been working on a new device for the true enthusiast. Now that it is patented I would like to introduce the Turbo Encabulator (hence TE). The TE is a chromoly steel cased transducer that supplies inverse reactive current to the unilateral phase detractors. Whereas earlier versions emulated the yaw torsion of the spurring bearings, the new TE uses synergistic skor motion to synchronize the cardinal grammeters.
  8. This thread keeps popping up. Are you guys really that bored?
    In portland/vancouver We have two tuesday coffee's a sat bikenight, standing rides on mon, tue,wed and now thurs am. And always have to pick which rides to hit on weekends.
    Organize some shit! Invite people you see on bikes!! Dont let lazyeye sell you tranny parts!
  9. There's stuff going on, it just isn't on PNWR. A bunch of them went over to another website and some of us organize through other means.

    This is a joke.
  10. Why? Politics, shit talkers who never ride, lack of organisation.....
    You can get that anywhere. The people i ride with dont do everything through this site either but we try to at least give folks a heads up. Like it or not, everybody is already here.
  11. Go away...outsiders aren't welcome. We have no roads here other than I-5...nothing to see
  12. Pretty sure Mopar beat you to the TE by 20+ years.
  13. But apparently no sense of humor.... :thefinge:
  14. Handsome Tim's diddy to the Necropost.

    I f*cked her lying
    I f*cked her standing
    Now she's dead but not forgotten
    I'll dig her up and f*ck her rotten
  15. Been awhile , Glad to see the RIP thread is still around :mfclap:
    Well how is everyone in Oregon , I really miss it ...
    Still riding the KTM and have done a few track days on it


    Sold the goldwing and bought a new 2012 zx10


    Here is my group photo minus one


    The minus one and after I repaired it ..


    Dont know if I`ll ever get back to Oregon but everyone I met there are good people and I wish you all the best ..

  16. [MENTION=20146]RC8R[/MENTION]
    What tracks do you ride in Arizona?
  17. I m on the border of CA / AZ / NV > I ride

    Chuckwalla valley raceway CA > 3hr drive

    Willow springs raceway CA > 5 hr drive

    Spring Mountain raceway NV > 4 hr drive

    Button Willow raceway CA > is my farthest 7hr drive