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Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by nakedrider, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. Glad things are going well for you RC8R, kinda jealous of your rider friendly weather down there, but not willing to endure the heat for the dry.
  2. Dude, the summers there are brutal. I actually saw Lucifer once...and asked him to turn the heat off in hell so I could go outside.

  3. I have to agree , Parts of Arizona can get very hot in the summer but I am in the upper north / west part next to route 66 and
    luckily in a higher elevation so we only get to a max high of 105 and a low of 16 , Yup we get snow some winters :evil4:
    The thing I hate most is there is NO great curvery mountain roads in this area , Its pretty much straight flat boring roads for miles .. :x

  4. Monthly bump because I'm bored.
  5. This thread is almost as old as I am...
  6. Well I have come full circle .. Started in the dirt and now I m back to it .

    Sold my 2012 zx10r and I bought a used Ca plated xr650r from a friend , I will keep my rc8r and my track bike but I am pretty much done with riding sportbikes full time , I m 55 and its getting too uncomfortable for me to ride these bikes for very long .

    I feel excited again


    Prescott AZ group ride we did 3 days 700 miles

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  7. Ghost of xmas past?

    Ghost of xmas present??

    Ghost of xmas future???


    Because.... IT LIVES!!!! :ninja:
  8. First bump of the year!
  9. Where my bitches at?
    Not you Melbs...
  10. Hollah!!

  11. Went riding today as the sun went down. Felt rusty. No tickets and no crashes so I suppose it was a good ride.
  12. So far, so good... All major systems are getting a thumbs up on the Daytona. Minor systems are expected to just need general cleaning and a run-through, but getting a thumbs up as well.


    Guess it might be time to start putting something together for a road-warming party eh?

    Slider shopping today, no triggers pulled yet. Hard to tell when half the opinions out there are from obvious morons....ugh. (in other words seeing a lot of "I like the look of..." as opposed to "it fucking works". Or "my plastics broke... total failure and won't ever recommend" - on FRAME sliders. Folks... you make absolute solitude sound so very appealing.)

    btw... should be next weekend!!!!!! (nope, Mel isn't excited...not at all...wait what's that spot??) :devil:
  13. Hah-Hah! I just bumped a dead thread in a dead forum!
  14. Wow..guys were douchey in 2011..something never change..
  15. Exactly. This region is dead on the forum because of douchey Vancouver/PDX folks coming in & shitting on threads in the regional forums. Nice work proving your own point.

  16. Oh dear, here we go............:popcorn: