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R1 Wont shift past 2nd gear

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Tony06, May 12, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone iam new here a friend refered me..
    First let me introduce myself My name is Tony have been riding for a few years learning something new everyday, i ride a 1999 R1 8)..

    Now for the question:

    I washed my bike today getting her ready for a nice ride to Snoqualmie, After washing it i sprayed some what u can call WD40 that i purcahsed from the dealer after a service, i sprayed the chain the gear shifter clutch handle and every where else i thaught it needed it.. Well pulling out of my drive way and trying to shift up to second and so forth It woudnt let me i could not shift past 1st and 2nd i almost got on the freeway :scared and as soon as i realized the problem i pulled over waited a few trying to think what happend :scratchea i noticed that the clutch wire on the handle was really loose i had almost 1/4 inch or 1/2 free play on it so i tightend the knob and was able to shift from 1st to N to 2nd but not past that, and the knob is at its fullest im guessing it was the spray i used to lubed the bike??

    I have never had any issues with the tranny, please any thaughts would be appreciated..

    Thank You
  2. if the clutch engages/disengages, the cable isn't the issue. how long did it sit before you washed it?

    also, weird question, do you work for PRS?

  3. Clutch cable...

    The word of the day, by the way is...."cable lube."

    Except in your case it's "New Cable"
  4. why would his current cable allow him shifts into first and second but nothing higher?
  5. The bike should upshift regardless if the clutch disengages. :scratchea
  6. Did you tighten your chain too tight or drop your bike??
  7. It's none of the above!! I had the same problem with my 1998 R1. There is a spring just inside the clutch housing that assists the shift fork. Take the cover off and see if there is a 3/4" spring laying in the housing.

    All I did was replace the spring and it was back to normal. BTW, Sage at SDS performance is the one who diagnosed the problem after I told him what it was doing. It took 5 minutes to fix.
  8. No

    Whoa sry i didnt know i was supposed to b specific.. lol thnx for the correction

    I know thats what i said.. But even with the bike OFF it wont upshift i can downshift but again only from 1st N 2nd nothing past..

    Nope just lubed it and checked tension. No drops :mrgreen:

  9. Really :mrgreen: Thanks ill take a look at it, i was doing some research and came across something like that but wasnt sure and besides i had just made it home so it was still hot..
  10. :popcorn:
    Would like to know what the out come is.
    I file these little bit of INFO away in my pea brain for later.
  11. So quick update i followed ur advice Dwc032 and i went ahead and started to work on removing the cover for where the tranny is.. I started by removing the cover for where the chain sprocket is and right above it is the tranny well i took out the shifter link and started to remove the screws that hold together the cover to where (i think the spring is) but started to loose oil and this moment i panicked :scared and wasnt sure if it was tranny fluid or just oil.. here are a few pics it looks exactly where i was working at but could someone reasure me it is so i can continue with the repair and get back on the road again :mrgreen:

    So this is the spring that you all might be refering to??


    And this is the location where it would be? Also is it regular bike oil

    Thanks for the replies and sry for the noob questions but i usually take it in for repairs except this time i dont have enough $$ to take it in just yet :roll:
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  12. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Um, this is slightly concerning. There is no tranny fluid for bikes unless you have a harley. That's why the manual never references it......

    Cool on the find though! bet that was the issue.
  13. Yep just realized i just asked that crackup: wasnt really thinking right..
    I really hope it is that and nothing else..:scared
  14. Is that broken spring out of your bike or someone else's? That's the same spring that broke on mine, just buy a new spring and put in the exact spot that the other spring is in. I would change the oil just to be safeand dont worry about a little bit of oil in that area. My 98 has over 75000 miles on it and it still does 2nd gear power wheelies! Not as fun in the canyons as my 2005 R1, but still a sweet ride!

    Good job bro!!
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  15. Oh Sh*t imma b on this tomorrow like white on rice on a paper plate in a middle of a snow storm crackup: man i really hope it is..
    Do u know what would be the signs of a failing tranny??
  16. That spring is a known weak spot in the R1 tranny. That spring has broken twice on my R1. Other then the spring the R1 tranny is bullet proof. BTW, I had over 10000 track miles on the bike before I put it on the street.
  17. Grinding for one, loud banging under load as the gears are slipping/chipping teeth... right hand twist bike no go....
  18. Nope not on mine..:mfclap:
  19. I didn't think the R-1 shifted beyond second anyhow, at least thats what it sounds like when I hear them riding through town.
  20. this is the thread