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RALLY in the GORGE Venue Change!

Discussion in 'Central' started by james1300, Aug 10, 2017.

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    On Wednesday morning 8/9, the USFS informed the Hood River Fairgrounds they will retain full control of the facility to operate a fire camp which has been working on the Indian Creek Fire since it started in July. They will stay through August, and probably into September.
    We’ve always known this could happen and back in 2014 we explored options we could use to move the rally to another venue if we ever needed to. The time has come for us to exercise Plan B.
    The Rally will be held as planned 8/23-8/27, only this year it will be held at the Western Antique Automobile and Airplane Museum at the Ken Jernstedt Airfield in Hood River (WAAAM) to the north of the Fairground. Anyone who has been to the rally has probably noticed this before, perhaps visited the museum, and those who went in 2012 remember this as a check point during the fun run.
    IF YOU’RE STAYING IN TOWN: WAAAM is a little closer to town so it’s a shorter ride to the rally site as you commute in and out each day.
    THOSE WHO ARE TENT CAMPING: The camping area is much closer to the main hall so you don’t have to walk as far. But, be advised, bring your extra cell battery as there are no hookups in the camping area itself. You can, however, connect accessories to the outlets on the adjacent buildings for charging if you like.
    THOSE WHO ARE CAR OR RV CAMPING: RV Camping will be just beyond the tent camping in a special area. There are no hookups, so you will need to fill your water tank and have your generator up to snuff. Generator usage is allowed between 7 am and 10 pm.
    FACILITIES: There are two individual showers on site with the hot water we always enjoy up at HRFG. This may make for a small lineup during peak times, but we don’t anticipate any major issues.
    ABOUT THE FIRE: The Indian Creek is a small fire that has been contained to just 83 acres for the last several weeks. There are no issues with smoke from the fire. It does not impact any areas we have planned for riding during the event.
    THE SCHEDULE HOLDS: The rally schedule remains intact as it is. The main hall will be tagged as the “Community Building,” the Moto Mojo Café will function as planned and all seminars, clinics, presentations, and rally games will go off as planned.
    GPS ROUTES: We are re-working all the GPS Routes next week to reflect the alternate location for start and finish points.
    THE WAAAM BONUS: All registered attendees will be provided one admission to WAAAM as part of your registration, which you will receive when you arrive. The museum houses a stunning collection of airplanes, cars and, yes, MOTORCYCLES, as well as lots of cool collections of assorted relics from the past.
    If you choose to enter the museum multiple times, you’ll need to pay for additional entries on your own.
    MORE INFORMATION COMING NEXT WEEK: We are touring the facility today to determine more details such as where attendees will enter and so on. Early next week we will have a facility map posted and will send those who are pre-registered another email filling in any blanks.
    A special thanks to Norm Haugen who is on recon in Hood River feeding me all kinds of information so we pull this move off with a minimal amount of distress. Also, special thanks to Judy and Julie at WAAAM for working together with us to make the rally happen.
    As you might imagine, we’ve got a lot on our plates, but you’re welcome to email any questions you have to us at [email protected] and we will try and get them answered as quickly as possible.
    Thanks for your patience and flexibility.
    Tom & The Rallygators