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Randy Cares Ride

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by debo4685, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. GREAT THING TO RIDE FOR! :mfclap:

    i met randy a few years back before he was killed on his bike, GREAT guy and he did ALLOT for the people he helped, he even told me it was a tough job and hard to deal with some days but getting the person who did those crimes made it all worth it


  2. Flyingdog5000

    Flyingdog5000 Sheriff's Office

    I would also like to put my plug in for this ride.

    I knew Randy for many years; we both started at the Washington County Sheriff's Office around the same time. I never knew him to raise his voice or treat anyone with anything less then the respect he would show his mother. Randy progressed from patrol to detectives and specialized in child abuse cases. I've only had the unfortunate experience of dealing with such cases a few times in my career, but Randy saw this stuff on a daily basis. I know that it took a toll on him, but he did it because he was good at it and it needed to be done. For that, all of Washington County owes him a debt.

    Randy died while riding his beloved Harley. He was killed by a motorist who crossed into his lane rounding a curve in rural Yamhill County.

    Randy's widow, Mary, has made it her life's work to carry on his legacy. The Randy Cares Memorial Ride benefits kids. All money made from this event goes to the care and healing of the most vulnerable victims of these heinous crimes. So, if you aren't doing anything on the 21st. Come on down and have a little fun and benefit a good cause.


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