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Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Raymond, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. I've noticed a rattle when I ride my bike. It sounds like pre-detonation but I'm pretty sure it's not, considering I don't have a supercharger or turbo on my bike. I was told it might be the cam chain. I'm curious to hear what anyone thinks about my problem. Please help.
  2. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    A year or two ago my CBR started to rattle. I especially noticed it at low speeds. If I remember correctly, the rattling would stop when I pulled the clutch in...Anyways, it was the cam chain tensioner. I'm not too mechanically inclined, so I took my bike out to my dad's to have him help me fix it...he fixed it before I even showed up to help him, said it took about half an hour to do, and the new tensioner was about $50. Cured the rattle and never had a problem since. Not sure about SVs, but I know there are quite a few bikes out there that are notorious for having to have the the cam tensioner replaced (like my F3), it's a pretty common problem. One of the guys at i-90 motorsports knew exactly what it was after hearing it for about 10 seconds, so you might just run your bike over to a shop and see if somebody can confirm whether or not that is the problem.

  3. I got my bike back yesterday after it being in the shop for six weeks and out of commission for the last year. Is there a way I can check if it's the cam chain without taking it to a shop? If I was looking at the cam chain would it be obvious if it needs to be repaired? Thank you for the help.
  4. Take it back to the shop Ray, It sucks, but if they broke it they gotta fix it.
    Mucho experiance with that stuff myself, it could be anything, unless that avatar is really a picture of your bike, in which case I'd suspect a plugged air filter at the very least. :tard:
  5. It was rattling like this before I took it to them. So I don't think they broke it. I was hoping maybe I could spend a saturday and fix it myself instead of giving it back to the shop and have them hold onto it for another week or two. KCANDER said his dad fixed it in 30minutes, hopefully I can fix it in a day. What do you think?
  6. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Well, the problem is that unless you really know bikes, it's pretty damned tough to know what's wrong. But, to clarify, I didn't actually pay for the guys at the shop to look at it - I just rolled up and asked one of the mechanics to to listen to it real quick, it didn't cost me anything. I just told them my bike was rattling and wondered if they knew what it was, fired it up and he said, "Oh yeah, that definitely sounds like the cam tensioner." To which I thought, "WTF is a cam tensioner." Anyways, we checked it out in Clymer manual and it looked easy to get to, so we ordered one and my dad slapped it in there with no problems. I think the tensioner is a common enough issue that they can recognize it pretty easily, so you might just cruise over to a shop and see if you can get someone to give it a listen and see what they say. If it is the tensioner, you can most likely handle the installation yourself. Like I said, when I'd let the clutch out from a stop, it'd start clicking, faster and faster as my speed increased. It seemed to go away after getting up to speed, but that may just have been because it was clicking so fast I couldn't hear it anymore. Once I'd slow back down to a stop, I could hear it again, and, like I said, I'm relatively sure the sound would stop when I pulled the clutch in if I'm remembering correctly. If that's what your bike is doing, than that's almost sure to be the deal...but don't take it from me man, ask an expert!
  7. I looked at your profile Ray, for some reason I got 'ya confused with KC and thought you were in Everett, I would'a come out to look if ya were.
    Can you post a WAV file??? (J/K).
    There's a lot of those SV650's around, there might be a forum somewhere just for those if you look a bit.
  8. There are SV650 forums. Infact there is a web site dedicated to them called hahaha. But the forum is based in the UK and they are not always so eager to respond to an american's post. But one of them did tell me he thought it was the cam chain tensioner like KCander said however I have different symptoms than KCander. My bike's rattle becomes more apparant when I'm using horsepower more than torque, ie when I'm going up hills and at high speeds. Not extremly apparant when I'm idleing. Still the cam chain tensioner? Thanks for the help fellas.
  9. Ok Raymond - I'll provide any tech help I can based on info you provide.
    I see the bike is a '00 which means it's pre F/I, (not that that makes too much difference on engine internals).
    Info that will help to troubleshoot is - Total mileage / what kind of riding is typical for you / what do you know about repair history so far? (if you got it used just spell out what you know to date).
    Provide me that, and I'll be happy to help in any way I can. You can send me a P/M if you prefer.
    BTW - I've talked plenty with UK Yamaha owners, (and sent parts as well) - I've found them to be a pretty good group overall, sometimes it just takes a bit to generate interest in a particular case, so check back with them once in a while just to see, they may not be ignoring you.
    Fire when ready, B.