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RC51 vs GSXR 1000

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by ziggyf86, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Anyone know the numbers on these 2 bikes. (ie: bhp, torque, acceleration, top speed, etc)
  2. What years??? they've changed quite a bit since they were first made. In GENERAL, you're looking about 120-130rwhp (rc51) and 145-160rwhp (gixxer1k), obviously these numbers will fluctuate depending on who you talk to and what you read, and what mods the bike has. Those bikes are VASTLY different in the way they apply power and are ridden quite differently. Among my previous bikes, I've owned a 2002 TL1000R and now a 2001 gixxer1k, and although I like the sound of the twin much better, There is absolutely NO comparison to the performance of the newer liter-bikes! Weight is WAY less, handling is better, and you have incredible power throughout the revs. But it depends on what you're getting the bike for. In town with occasional twisties, I'd roll an RC-51 anyday, but for an overall badass bike, I'd get the gixxer. It doesn't even have to be new, mine's 4 years old and rips (with the assistance of a few mods) Also comfort, the RC-51 is just about the most track-ready feeling bike I've ever ridden...meaning it's SUPER uncomfortable. But this is just my thing to do would be to buddy up with someone and see if they'll let you ride their bike (just don't look my way :p ) If you're looking to buy one of these I'd say get what you like best and don't base it soley off hp/torque numbers cause a good rider on a 600 can school a novice on a liter bike in the twisties anyday. The rider makes the bike, not the other way around.

  3. As we can all see, john's fiancee is out of town and he is a bit attention starved....

    Ive ridden his gix, its INSANELY powerful, a blast to ride, but id never buy it simply because im not a skilled enough rider to handle something like that safely. I ride a liter streetfighter because I never use it flogging the corners where i might get myself into trouble, and I ride a supersport bike in the twisties because im not gonna do the wheelie/stoppie thing incessantly on the little bike.

    my two pennies