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Read and maybe avoid more tickets...

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. From an inside scoop...
    WASP has cars, trucks, planes, heli's, and bikes. the semi is there to catch people who cut off semi trucks, they are also doing ride alongs on I-5 and 405 with semi drivers to catch people doing this. the heli they are getting will only help the squad cars and bikes to give you tickets.

  2. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    are you kidding? get a bunch of riders together and the cops think you're all racing. make a turn while they're watching you and they'll try to charge you with evasion.

    i respect all authoritive figures to no end. i have none for idaho cops.
  3. Very simple, Don't cut off truckers. Remember if you cut it too close with a semi it will be the last thing you ever do.
  4. You should not cut off or tailgate anyone..!

    What they should have spent the money on is catching the vicious and aggressive tailgaters of bikes and other vehicles on I-5, and also correcting the jerks who block the fast lane at 55 0r 60 and won't move over as they are supposed to.. :evil:
  5. +1 Agreed.

    One thing that I found interesting on my recent trip, drivers in Cali are much more aware and respectful of motorcyclist on the road. On the twisties most of the cars we came upon did there best to move over and let us by. Ironically the ones who seemed to be the hardest to get around and gave us the most problems when we tried to pass all had washington plates on their cars.
  6. +1 on nabbing people driving slow in the left lanes!!! It'd solve so many problems if people really used left lanes for passing and not cruising.
  7. WaSSted

    WaSSted Kaptain Kirk

    It's a good thing we are broke down here in the state of oregon.
  8. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    california drivers rock! they actually know how to drive! i think i'm going to start a website called and just have it be a list of the most common sense things to do on while driving/riding.

  9. Just remember, if you get a ticket, call an attorney to help you fight it!! (Just a shameless plug for my services)

  10. For what its worth, the Seattle Times has had editorials supporting the introduction of red light cameras. I cannot think of any thing more corrupting and insidious than ticket cameras. The company that sets up and runs the cameras takes a cut of the revenues, and the municipality gets a new, hidden revenue stream. Insurance companies get to raise their rates and puff up with a bunch of self serving rhetoric. We get to pay, because the usually get set up where the light timing is fouled up and will generate the most tickets, not where it will have any impact on public saftety. OK, I will get back off of the soapbox, now. Just be on the lookout for these things.
  11. As overheard from a clueless co-worker recently -

    "Damn Ninja Bikers"

    Hell, at least we have a tag.............. :nana

  12. Them red-light cameras can be a real trip. I stopped in Ashland on my way down to Laguna for some gas and got blinded by one of the flashes. That was something crazy.

    I wrote my take on this somewhere else. I still say they need to do the Knight Rider thing and have Kitt come flying out of the back of the semi and turn on the turbo boost and beat down people.

  13. crackup: crackup: crackup: crackup:

    bust up
  14. A few more to look out for and hopefully avoid "performance awards"..

    WSP has, in Snohomish County, a Black Honda Goldwing that's *fast*. Don't ask how I know. :scared

    Sno-county and WSP in the area have taken to rip-snorting around on equally fast Honda ST1300's. This I learned through observation...I watched a buddy of mine get pulled over for displaying his impressive acceleration abilities.

    Beware the BMW R1200GS's (I think that's what they are..) They may look slow, but when you see one wheelie under power to catch a squid-kid, you'll know better.. :shock:

    Just a wee heads-up... These guys are out there, some marked, some not...but they're looking for us, so keep your noses clean, folks..

  15. That won't help. I got a ticket last month on the Lolo Pass. There is an ISP officer who patrols that area regularly.
  16. Well, they gotta make that money, honey.. and it's easy money too.. to grow government bigger, and bigger, and bigger and...bigger
  17. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    oregonians and washintonians are brainless zombies on the roads. much of the time its faster to use the slow lanes than the fast lanes, people get on the freeway and immediately head over to the fast lane ane line up behind all the other traffic brainlessly in that lane; then they zone out thinking they're getting somewhere faster.
  18. most of the ticket money probably goes to paying for all the health care for the illegal immigrants in this country.
  19. You'd come here too if you got free education, health care and other freebies ! We so-called "citizens" are the dummies that keep re-electing the political snakes that make such largess/insanity possible!