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Really good riders....

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by RideSlow2004, Jun 1, 2016.

  1. I can appreciate the skill it takes to get the bike up on the rear wheel, and keep it there. I would appreciate it even more if the moron doing it exercised those skills somewhere besides the Interstate. (Or any public road) Self centered egotistical maroon moron idiot. If I could make one argument against the public exhibition, it would be:

    PLEASE think of the rest of us riders.....really hard to sway public opinion towards us when we are trying to get lane splitting, or filtering passed in Olympia. Public already thinks we should not be in the HOV lanes. You are not helping.
  2. Stupid is as Stupid Does,......... I hear you We had a Rider on a Super -Moto on a Group ride
    who would ride the Sidewalk and jump the curbs.And another on a 09R6 He would out of nowhere
    Standup and do the Indian Larry Signature Death move. There is a time and place for Being a Hooligan.
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  3. It's up to the ride leader, or others on the ride, to immediately confront the offender and send him on his way! You're doing nobody a favor by allowing him to remain on the ride.
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  4. That is alot easier said then done.It is actually up to the individual rider to maintain him or herself.
  5. If you feel strongly about the situation, it's not difficult at all. To do nothing, is to condone their actions. Been there, done that, and it was effective.
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  6. janteloven.. i wanna rip and do mean whoolies.. but i dont want to bother anyone