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rear stand conversion help

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by steve (oldertrble), Jun 21, 2005.

  1. I'm in need of someone that can weld me up some forks that fit my spools on the rear stand I have - unfortunately the mfr is out of business so I can't locate them to get a replacement - it should be a very easy fix for someone that has the capabilities to handle metal and welding - the one I have has the paddle type which don't work so great on my new bike - If anybody is the least bit handy with welding and metalwork I'd be most appreciative - don't want to insult anyone telling them I'd pay them but i would - shouldn't be a tough job for someone with skill - I have none when it comes to metalwork and welding -


  2. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    Send a message to B&D17 That is what Brian does for a living! I bet he would be more then happy to weld that up.

  3. thanks I'll do that - I know he's real busy now trying to get ready for Laguna but I'l ask him if he can do it when he gets back - thanks for the tip - I'd forgotten that he does that -


  4. aluminum - it's currently afixed with some through a hole with a spring and lock nut on the end with the pad on it - I was thinkng the same repalcement could be made with the forks for the spools -I'll send along a picture - it's a very uncomplicated piece as far as I can tell but then I"m a total boob when it comes to this kind of stuff - after all I've been in sales, finance and marketing my entire life - no nothing about doing with my hands - except - well you know - LOL

  5. I hope the pictures help - let me know if you know anybody that might be able to fabricate a set of forks for it - I'd just as soon be able to keep the paddles if possible - never know when I might need those-

    thanks eric

  6. Drop by Bill's heliarc, talk to Dave. Dave is their lead fabricator guy, does all my random alu welding (cuz this kid is too broke to buy one of those spendy bastards) and is cheap as hell. He could knock out a set of cups for your lugs or do just about anything you set him to. He even builds complete truck beds for tank rigs and such, so hes got a very deft hand. Anything else I can help with dont hesitate to ask. Ill even do a little work trade turning wrenches on your bike if you wanna help me with my web dev business.

  7. thanks very much - where is he located?
    I assume I can find him in the spokane phone directory -

    thanks a lot eric -I'll get over to see him tomorrow -

  8. never mind - found his address in the phone book -
  9. I went by there today and met them - they are very cool dudes - I thought Dave was the bookeeper and Gary was the owner ( Bill's son) but I could be wrong - also his son Luke works there now and he's a very capable machinist - they are building it out and doing a great job - like everything else - you ask someone what time it is and they tell you how to build a watch - what I thought would work - wouldn't so he redesigned everything - I probably could have bought a new Pit Bull for what it will cost me - but what the hell - I enjoyed meeting them - they are nice guys and I'm sure I'll be using them again for something or another -

    thanks for the tip

  10. You might be surprised, they did my work pretty cheap. Glad you got to know them!

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