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Renton riders checking in

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Jeyi, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. ninjaofdoom

    ninjaofdoom <a href="

    Right next to mah house.

    Now that I got an 800gs, I have a bike again. So that makes me a Renton rider. :ninja:
  2. 02

    02 Retired

    Well my address does have Renton in it so I guess I might as well include myself....

  3. I'm on a yellow 09 fz6r, live in Tukwila but ride to renton tech every morning... Yea that's prob me speeding late for class.
  4. Another one checking in, I've got an orange Street Triple R. I spend way too much time at the 8-Bit and the Local in downtown Renton, so chances are you'll see my bike parked out front on a Friday or Saturday night.
  5. I love 8-bit! I'm making it a point to head out there this weekend.
  6. It's pretty awesome. I had no idea how much I love pinball until I moved to this part of the state. I'll probably be there at least one night this weekend.
  7. Im on a Ducati 848 Evo, in the highlands
  8. Very close to my place. I'm going for a ride on Saturday. You're more than welcome to join.
  9. Just joined, but riding a Orange 1978 Honda XL250 :evil4: give me a wave
  10. Just wanted to bump this thread. Got a new set of tires, sprockets, and a chain in today and looking to ride soon. So Renton area roll call, who's up for some riding soon?
  11. 2013 rc8 soon to have vstrom also
  12. I was one of the last few posts... But if any of you guys ride enduro please speak up! I need some people to do some local riding with!
  13. [MENTION=31935]joyride[/MENTION] I don't have an enduro but you're more than welcome to ride with me. In fact I'm most likely heading up to Backfire Moto tomorrow if you'd like to join me.
  14. I'm on this all over down here, fairwood based.

    Minus the giant mudflap now..
  15. Ahh can't do that, family commitments :roll: Something else soon would be nice!
  16. New rider. Naked Blue SV650 in Kenton (Benson Hill). Mostly riding my ass up and down the 405 to work though, or by Ikea to the bus to take my ass to work
  17. I'm in East Renton Highlands, a few blocks away from the gun club... I work in Auburn, so I usually am headed out 18 or 167 going to or fro. I like to hit up Green Valley road, then make my way out to Issaquah Hobart to stay in the twisties.

    Caspian Blue 2011 Triumph Daytona 675
    Candy Jade Green 1975 Honda CB 550
  18. Black Aprilia RSV4R and white CBR600rr is the gf and myself, we ride through Renton fairly often. Hope to see you guys around.
  19. Yes Saturday is suppose to be great.
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