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Renton riders checking in

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Jeyi, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. I live in Des Moines, but work in Renton (that's like living right?) Been riding most dry days for a nice commute. Still an übernoob, but down to ride. :)
  2. Wont have my bike till late Saturday. :x
    I would be down to meet up for a sunday ride though

  3. Newcastle highlands here.

    White 899 Panigale, and gray Street Triple R for the wife.
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  4. In the Fairwood area. Ride a red rsv4, up from socal. Any decent places to drag knee around here?
  5. The Renton-Issaquah road is fun, its sr900. Or head up to north bend/snoqualmie for ALOT of back roads!
  6. Welcome, Green Valley Road off Highway 18 just east of Auburn. dumps you out on 169 south of Black Diamond, where you can choose many routes. Also, near you is Sweeney Road, off Petrovitsky, give that a shot for a few minutes of fun.
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  7. Anyone down for a ride this weekend?

    Not looking to go too nuts, don't have my suit till next week and I don't know the roads but I am a fairly skilled rider. Or at least that's what I tell myself :D
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  8. Yeah, I'd be down for a ride! I don't the know the roads too well either though.
  9. I'll pm you my number.
  10. If anyone wants to go for a ride during the week, let me know.
  11. Highlands would be awesome, or maybe a meet at frys and ride to northbend/Snoqualmie falls?
  12. Black gsxr1000 up around Benson Hill area
  13. A few blocks East of Benson, a few blocks North of the Renton-Kent border.

    Interested in talking with any nearby trike builders . . . can't ride until I build it.
  14. Fairwood...Ride a 2013 black GSXR 1000 W orange rims or on my Grom with Orange rims or on my Tard with Orange rims.
  15. Thread from the Dead? Why not, I'm new here. How many Renton people are still around? I ride a blue Ninja 650R. The poor thing mostly goes across town and back and really needs to stretch its legs.
  16. I've been to 8-bit twice now. Interesting little place, and definitely in the rotation as I try new places around. Wish AFK Eatery hadn't died before I had a chance to go.
  17. I'm still around. Waiting on a new voltage regulator for my FZR but I have an SV at my disposal to ride in the mean time. Definitely ready to get some riding in.
  18. Jawknee!
  19. Renton Highlands, MV Agusta F3 black and red rolling around time to time.
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