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Returning to Gods country

Discussion in 'New Users' started by Psychotinner, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, headed back to the Spokane area the first of August. I've been in the Metro St. Louis area too long. I'm a 45 y/o former marine, with a life membership in the VFW. I'm looking forward to meeting and riding with everyone i can. I have a 1980 CB750 that I'm currently setting up in the Cafe style. I plan on fishing when not riding, and wrenching on bikes in the winter. See ya soon.
  2. Welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of great info about rides in the Spokane area lots of local info.

  3. Yes, I am a union sheet metal worker.
  4. Nice, I'm non union but I work for a company out of trout dale Oregon called skyline sheet metal. Spent most of last year at a vet med building on the wazoo campus. Might have some work coming up in Spokane. I'll hit you up for some riding if I make it up there. If
    you don't mind riding with a rat that is!
  5. Sounds good. Rats are people too! I started out non union in Spokane, for Wyatts heating and cooling back in '92. Not sure if they are in biz anymore.
  6. Welcome! Don't get to Spokane too often but i have relatives that live in the area that I might be visiting soon. If I bring the bike I'd love to ride with you.
  7. Figured people would rather see my bike than me. She ain't pretty, but she gets me where I want to go.
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