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Returning to WA!

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by boogieman065, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Hi!

    I've moved away from Seattle in 2012 and I will be working at the JBLM area for 1 year starting this September. I'm just looking to get back into the PNW Riders community again, and have a few questions! Right now I have the following bikes, I'll probably sell one prior to the move. If there's no good use for it, the track bike will have to go.

    2010 Aprilia RSV4 Factory
    2014 EBR 1190RX
    2015 KTM RC390 (race/track bike)
    2003 Ducati 999

    1. How's the track scene up there? When I was there last, I did track days with NESBA at Pacific Raceways. Now I'm a track instructor down in California. What are some providers? Is my RC390 decent for the tracks around JBLM?

    2. I saw that lane splitting is becoming legal in WA? After 3 years in California, I can't imagine riding any other way. I feel so much safer keeping threats ahead of me and not being worried about being rear ended by distracted drivers/speeders.

    3. Any independent shop recommendations in the area? As you can see, I have 3 European and 1 American bike.

    I'm a little spoiled from living in CA.... Lane splitting, friend's shop that give me amazing deals, and free track days as long as I volunteer during crashes/my assigned sessions.
  2. Howdy. If you're looking to get activity, people moved to facebook and instead

    1. track scene is good, we ride at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton and Portland International Raceway in Portland. Some get over to ORP in Grass Valley Oregon but it's been slowly dying. I recommend OPRT for track days and there are a few others out there. NESBA is no more as i'm sure you're aware. OPRT also does allow volunteer for riding benefits so maybe send them an email to ask about it, however it'll most likely be for next year as the seasons coming to a close here in the end of september. starts back up april/may. what orgs did you ride for in CA?

    2. no lane splitting in WA yet. keeps getting shut down at final vote with the state. sadly, lane splitting may not work in washington like california, drivers up here are far more entitled and distracted than in california

    3. i recommend Optimum Performance Motorsports as they're also the nearest Aprilia dealer to you however it is a bit of a drive from JBLM. I'm sure others will have better local recommendations for a shop closer to you but I'm unaware of any to recommend.