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Ride 10/5/12

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by MrGeoSquirt, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Anyone interested in meeting up tomorrow afternoon/evening in the PDX area for a ride and hangout? Im willing to meet just about anywhere as I have the day off. Still very new to the area. Looking for fun routes and good places to hang out.

    Just checked the weather and its looking promising. :popcorn:
  2. Mmmmm, hyperrrr. So jealous. Come up to Seattle on sunday, there's a motard ride. Should be a nice turnout and the weather is supposed to be blue skies low 70's! :D

  3. I am going out about 2.00 from Oregon City, for a couple of hours. If your interested meet me at the 76 Gas Station on 213/205 at 2.00 leave about 2.15. After you turn off 205 make first right at light, then right and right again (follow sign to Clackamas River Rd).
  4. May not be able to make it until 2.30, if anyone is showing up.
  5. I'll be done with work at 5pm, and I can take you on a few good roads. I live Downtown Portland, so we can meet anywhere you want DT and then takeoff for the hills.
  6. Ended up near Mt St. Helens from 9am-3pm. Great roads up that way. :mfclap:

    Oregon City is <10 min from my place so I'm open to meet there in the future. I'm always willing to meet downtown. In fact, I'm going to head downtown now and check it out on the Hyper at night.
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