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Ride 10/7

Discussion in 'Tacoma-Puyallup' started by BCspur, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Going for a ride October 7th, Sunday. Meet up at the Starbucks off of the 512 and I5 Exit. Time to meet: 10Am

    The route will be heading to Mt St. Helens on the Spirit Lake side. I hope the NF 25 and NF99 road aren't closed. Fast riders in front and slower riders in the back, I will be the one in the back.

    :) Let's RIDE!
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  2. I'm going to try and make this... all depends on if I can dip out for the day ;)
  3. Hope to make it, may be the last chance.
    Would you call me BCSpur ?
    360 340 8522 verizon
    B. Scott
  4. Bcspur you're lucky I'm sick. Otherwise I'd be the one at the back.
  5. Awww I'm sorry you're sick :(
  6. For people in South Hill/Puyallup Area, we can meet up with you at one of the gas stations on Hwy 7. Just tell me a good place to meet up at. Can meet up around 10:30am.
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  7. ....too many people. I wouldnt go if I didnt have the kids.
  8. 4 people is to many for you?
  9. That's a different group going, not with us, we'll be ahead of that group by about an hour.
  10. ride too slow. They'll catch you fast. Lesson learned.
  11. Doubtful :evil4:
  12. any new riders going? or is this for the more experienced?
  13. you REALLY dont know who the groups are that meet up at Bahama breeze do you? I rode with them on the first ride of the season up to Johnson. VERY FAST group. You would never keep up with them. THey'll catch up with you on the quick. But its whatever. They'll probably pass you anyways. Have fun !!
  14. I think most of the people on this ride are experienced riders. It's probably moderate to fast range. Probably not as fast as the Bahama Breeze riders either. :scared
  15. lol alright i might swing by
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