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RIDE 6/20 Annual NWBikers 3 Pass Blast w/ Lunch at Country Boys BBQ

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Diva, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Annual NWBikers 3 Pass Blast w/ Lunch at Country Boys BBQ
    Sat Jun 20 11am.
    Meeting at Country Pride in North Bend.
    Kickstands up: 11:30am, after pre-ride spiel

    This is not a parade, welcomed and encouraged to ride in smaller groups. Feel free to invite friends.
    Basic Route:
    Feel free to embellish this.

    I'm leading a somewhat spirited group taking some backroads. See full details at (Ladies Only group) (Co-ed group)

    Say, if you're interested in the rib (they are pretty good - some of the best BBQ in the state), I'd advise calling ahead and pre-ordering them so they don't run out.
  2. I'm interested. Is this a "go" for sure?
    PS, the Country Pride restaurant is still closed btw.
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  3. show up, ride anyway!
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  4. Will do. Just want to make sure that this is a "go" and at least one person will be there. :). Don't care about breakfast.
  5. Yes this ride is definitely a go. Looking at the weather we might get a little rain on our side of the mountains but it's going to be lovely on the other side of the pass.

    Thanks I saw Country Pride is closed but I think Popeye's is open. Using it more for a landmark than for people to actually for people to actually go and have breakfast but good to know.
  6. Will be there with better half pillion.
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  7. Too much chance of rain. SORRY! But please keep planning events, we'll watch for them.
    Ridden in the rain countless times, but we just don't enjoy it.
  8. Have faith mon cher. You so missed out! The back roads where we kicked it up were dry. We only had misting for a couple of minutes through the pass and a little intermidtant drizzle on the way back bit again, dry (and warm) on Chumstick/Chiwawa and on Ben Howard. It was such amd awesome ride!

    Gotta tell you, I'm so glad we went and didn't postpone. Had about 20 bike and what a variety. Great roads, good riders, delicious BBQ. I'm still buzzing over it to where I've planned 2 more rides this week. Keep an eye out; Olympic Peninsula Loop and Baker Lake/Panorama Point (redo).
  9. I assume I can watch for these under the Washington Rider's Forum?
    Which sub forum?
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  10. The same one that this one is under or on