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Ride 8/25

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by Mrmat25, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Howdy all. Jen and I are going to do an all day ride Saturday. We will be at the Tuesday coffee SBUX at 9 am and plan on leaving by 9:30 am(ish).

    8720 Northeast Centerpointe Drive Vancouver, WA 98665

    The route: From the meet up we will head up to Cougar then to Randle to then 12 to 7 to the National Park Hwy. When we get to the end we can figure out a place to eat and plan our route back. Plan on it being a long day at a moderate pace.
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  2. On the phone hook within an hour of Portland people taunt. Taunters!!!!
  3. Wish i could go, but i have to be home by 5PM. Suppose i could ride part way. Have to think about it.
  4. I would be in but i gotta work be safe out there!
  5. Tempting, but I just got back and am pretty whipped from over 3,400 miles, so I think I'll catch ya all on the next one. Did you & Jen get to see the critters when you stopped by?
  6. Do you have an ETA for being back to Vancouver?
  7. Would love to go on this, but due to family issues, my head is not really in the zone for riding right now. Have fun, and please stay safe.
  8. You could peel off whenever you want maybe at the base of Windy Ridge or up in Randle. Personally I would not ride the Northern part of 25 if i didn't have to.

    I would like to be back in town around 7 pm or so. Alot of it depends on pace, size of group, time spent at stops, and how much Hwy riding we are willing to do.

    Jen stopped out twice once on her own and once with Spencer. Critters were a no show on the first visit, but mama coon was waiting on the second visit.

    Sorry to hear about your Aunt, maybe a ride would help clear your head? We are going to do Detroit Lake on Sunday.

    OP edited with a vague outline of a route.
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  9. I actually thought of that, but when I got ready to go for a quick ride yesterday (to clear my head), I couldn't even put my helmet on.
  10. Hey Matt would join you guys for the entire ride but got some family stuff going down starting at 3pm. Maybe just do the first part of the ride an peel out early. I was thinking about where to ride Sunday, Detroit lake sounds pretti sweet, its been awhile since I ripped that road. You gonna post up a meet spot an time for Sunday?
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  11. Didn't think that far ahead yet. I figure I will meet here in the couve at 9 with KSU at 9:30. We could have a link up spot around 10 at a gas station on 224 to top off?

    Lee has a ride going out of the shell at Estacada meet up a 10 KSU at 10:30 am. Lets meet up there and tag along with him?
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  12. Ya lets meet up with Lee's ride on sunday :thefinge: Prob wont be up in time to make the Saturday ride since its 3:35am right now an i'm just getting to bed lol Have a safe one and we'll see ya Sunday!
  13. Yo Russel, Lee is leading a ride from Estacada out to Detroit on sunday morning, KSU at 1030, git yo ass out there, got some catchin up to do..RIP Milktruck, aka speedfreak
  14. welcome to the "late nite" club..funky hours, yada yada, at least yor workin now, eh?
  15. 6 bikes and 400+ miles of twisties without any incidents = a good day of riding up in the mountains. Thanks guys.
  16. Here are a couple quickie phone pics:

    "Slide area" just past the Windy Ridge turn off:

    Gassing up at Packwood Chevron station:

    Paradise Inn at Mt Rainier:

    Lunch at Copper Inn:
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