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Ride Friday 8/31/12

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Russell, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Planning on riding Carson to Cougar an possibly up toward Randall on NF-25. Meet at the Sylvan Chevron 9:45am KSU 10am. Second meet spot for anybody wanting to link up from WA side at the 76 station right on Washougal Rd about 10:30ish(am)
    "Join me if you can" :mrgreen:
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  2. That's Lee's copyrighted phrase for all his rides!

  3. FYI

    Bridge is out in Washougal.

    25 North of the 99 turn off is pretty beat up and there is a new patch of gravel in the Northbound lane. Only about a 20 ft section cut out, but it sneaks up on you (about a 1/2 mile past the new bridge).
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  4. :ninja:
  5. Thanks for the heads up but not riding the whole thing just cutting through Washougal to Salmon springs rd back to the 14 toward Carson.
  6. This looks like a fun trip, I'll see if i can get my morning stuff out of the way and join you guys if you dont mind8)
  7. It'd be great to have you join, hope you can make it :thefinge:
  8. Wish I could Russel but I work... I need to break in these new tires
  9. Okay, since you didn't seem to fully understand what Mrmat25 was trying to warn you about, the bridge in question isn't in or around the city of Washougal; it's about 7 miles outside eastbound on Washougal River unless you know a newly built/super secret magic road that can get you onto Washougal River road east of that bridge you'll be SOL. I usually like to take Washougal River road all the way to Salmon Falls road down to SR14 too, so I've really been missing taking it all the way, it's a fun way to start that ride.

    You're just going to have to grit your teeth & slab it on SR14 from Washougal 'til you hit the twisties.
  10. Thanks for the clarification :mfclap:
    Your missing out on a sweet ride, dang ball an grind. Hopefully you can make the next one my friend.

  11. Here is a nice little bypass.
  12. Looks like ima see if I can catch up. Here we go. Weeeee!
  13. Quicklimegirl was that you I spotted out in battle ground? I was on the way back from this ride.

    Jeff, let me know ya got home alright.
  14. what a day!

    Rus. gets stung by a bee 2 times and his bro gets in an accident. Me and Sumo keep going and everything is feeling good. Pretty confident in my turns even with the front being a tad stiff.

    And there we approach a corner that just isnt having it. I go into it feeling good and then the front just feels like when you get on the gas a little too early. I try to keep my head in the game and LOOK where im supposed to go and when that all doesnt go exactly how my brain wanted it to, BOOM i find myself laying on the side of the road looking up into the sky.

    Thanks Sumo for sticking with me and my brand new sideways handle bars. those were alot of fun you should try them out. i think it streamlines your body.

    I go to the ER they scrub cut and stitch and im out the door. Again thanks guys! Sorry to add to an already stressful day but i had to learn it some day. The bike should be alright, everything major was still intact and super moto parts are cheap enough. Not getting back on untill i have the exact pair of riding gear i SHOULD have had when i went down. I dont know how only my left forarm got jacked up oh well, im not complaining! Hey Sumo, go ahead and post the picture if you want. I dont mind people seeing what a rock on a road will do to an arm. And thats just muscle you are looking at, not bone all though it does look like it :D
  15. :thumbup:
  16. Man what a series of unfortunate events to say the least! Glad your ok bro. My brother ended up to totaling his bike but pretti much walked away unscarred other than a groin injury which should heal up with no prob. Thanks for you concern bro an everyone ride safe out there. Rubber side down shiny side up!
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