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Ride Friday, Windy Ridge, July 26, 2012

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by curveaddict, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Meet at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on Andresen, near Padden Parkway.

    This is a pace ride; mellow in the open country and the straights, fast in the twistys. Due to a lack of fuel stops, Northwoods is sometimes closed; you must have 140 miles fuel capacity minimum, or take a detour to Randle, in order to complete this ride.

    We will depart at 1100. This is a 6+ hour run.

    I will be on the Z.

  2. Sounds interesting.... not asking for the route details, but will there be limited super slab on this ride ?

  3. None. Some semi-slab at the end of the day.

  4. I'll potentially see you there.

  5. hate to play captain obvious here but isnt friday the 27th?

    id like to make this but ill be stuck at work and i dont have a 140mile fuel capacity either.
  6. Dave,..... you still have last years calendar up don't you? :angry7:
  7. Gah! I really want to do this ride with you guys. Gixxer gets it done at 140 but not much more. Work is busy and I gotta make hay while the sun shines.
  8. Yes, Friday is the 27th. Since I can't Edit the title; the error lives on.

  9. Have fun, wish I could join, but I'd be sampling some beers at the Portland waterfront.....tough choice... ;-) :mrgreen:

  10. i would come but i spent all day thursday fishing [didnt catch a damn thing...] so gotta take the bike apart and fix it friday lol
  11. Grabbing a nap and will set my alarm. Count Jen and I as a definate maybe.

    We will have to chat about a route based on the Facebook info I cut and pasted down below:

    Road Report: If you are heading to Cougar thru the back way (182nd) know that the road is all gravel until you get to Battle Ground Lake Park, and then again the cut off (turn right at the sharp left by the Heisen store, short cut to Lucia Falls) (Wendy)

    They are also paving after the one way bridge. We set there for almost an hour waiting to get through today. (Bob)
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2012
  12. Can't go today, but if anybody would be down to do it again on monday or Tuesday that'd kick ass.
  13. I'm up and moving. See you at KK.

  14. When you guys get back, can you tell me what's the best route to get from BG to Cougar avoiding as much of the gravel/construction as possible???
  15. Already in Vicinity. Getting chai at S-bucks.
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  16. Have a good one! Wish I could go again today, but gotta work...
  17. Wish i saw this earlier! Have fun
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