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ride monday 6-20

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by tonmarchelli, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. goin on a ride on monday. got a few people interested in it. maybe leave spokane around 10. i need to be back in town by 3 so i dont really care where we go or where we meet. just as long as its fast and fun.

    POST UP!!!!!

  2. Im down, bu i really hate being the leader.

  3. sucks, count me out most likely
  4. Tony, who ya got? I might be into hittin up keller ferry if we make a quick lap of it. Id like to be riding longer than that, but if thats all the time you have then cool. What ride did you have in mind? Wheres Jared, he would lead just fine. Also... gona be 85 here in town, 90ish in the desert! Who else is interested? Steve?

  5. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    I would be willing to show up.....
  6. I'm in - I have a dr. appointment at 8:45 and hopefully will be out by 9:45 at the latest with any luck - if you let me know where you're heading and when you're leaving I'm good to go asuuming you aren't leaving much earlier than that - the dr. is just north of downtown on Washington - not too far from anything actually my cell is 220 1288 - leave me a message as to where you are or where you're heading - if you are dying to get out earlier I'll head out that way and hopefully find you somewhere along the way -

  7. Gonna be good weather, heres the NWS weather for keller ferry

    Monday: Partly cloudy. North wind 5 mph. High 89.

    Whos ridin?

  8. With that weather, and no more school, I couldnt pass that up. Im in!! Make a final time and place.
  9. 10am office depot on division I'm in were do you all want to go?
  10. Keller ferry, spiral, central ferry/lyons ferry (desert) loop, St Maries. Something wickedly twisty. Itll be hottest and tires stickiest at keller/spiral/desert.

  11. Just lookin at the map, might be able to do a marathon ride as well. Here are some options (and tony I will build in some escape routes so you can get back in time):

    Keller Ferry: 4.5 mi of twisties tighter than spiral, 3-5 hrs, rez ride there.

    St Maries: 2-3 hrs around Cd'A, good corners in st maries, lotta cops.

    Spiral:1) down the short back way, up the spiral, back hwy 27, 5 hrs.
    2) more fun. Down through the palouse backroads, across the snake,
    some twisty farm roads down to pomeroy, 12 to lewiston, up spiral,
    over to genessee, hwy 8 to troy, N to princeton on some twisties,
    then back 27. 5-7 hrs, FUN STUFF.

    Desert loop: down palouse back roads, through central ferry, gas in dayton
    back up through lyons ferry (off camber, breakover hard 25mph
    turns). return to spo on palouse backroads through rock lake.

    Any other reccomendations? Ill be game for an early departure and late return, would love to get in some mileage.

  12. yeah im up for whatever. sounds like a fun ride. the earlier we left the more riding we can get in. i was really partial to the st maries ride that i went on a few months ago. i wouldnt mind doing that again. what do you think eric.

    if we went on a 5 hour ride that would put us back in town around 3ish which is ideal if not i would have to know when to break off to go home seeing as though i am not very familiar with the roads around here yet. so whaddya say we leave the depot by 10 at the latests then we can do some hard ridin.

    that means come to the depot already gassed up. :mrgreen:

    hope to have fun.

  13. Fighter, you just listed all my favorite rides. Too bad I'll be at work all friggen' week. Y'all stay focused out there - don't want to have to come scrape you off the pavement!

  14. I am going to stop at mcdonalds across the street for a quick bite if any bodys up for it. Prob real close to 930am or so. Hey Beans are you going to come or is your little bike being a sissy still?
  15. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    I'm down to go......and if we go through St. Maries then we have to stop and piss on my crash site (some how flowers just don't seem appropriate (SP?)) lol.....then there is also always Thompson's Pass in Montana....shouldn't be too many cops in that direction since it is a Monday...just another thought....
  16. Im guessin any of those are good, st maries tends to be a little johnny-law intensive sometimes. Any other opinions?

  17. I have to do physical therapy at 930 in the morning, and I cant miss it due to insurance reasons. By the time I'm done there and suited up ready to ride...not until Noon for me. So it looks like I'll miss out on riding with all of ya. me when you get back into town and we'll meet up!
  18. So if we leave by 10, we should be back in town around 3ish you think? I have to work at 5. Just wondering if i have to cut off early.
  19. well crap!!!!!

    i wont be able to go tomorrow. got called by work and have to do an early shift.

    have fun and be safe

  20. Well sorry guys, last minute change in plans. I wont make it but have a good trip.