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Ride on Mon 6/20

Discussion in 'Westside' started by 600bandit, Jun 18, 2005.

  1. I have Monday off and the weather looks nice. I am thinking of heading out for a ride, maybe the three pass blast. Anyone interested?

  2. Sunday is the only day I can go this week.. looks like it'll have to rest a while :|

    Oh, and the weather site I use is :

    I also have two different types of personal radios that have National Weather Service channels.. I take a set on rides to comm with blondie and keep up on weather, etc...
  3. I can't think of a reason I couldn't do it.
  4. Any preference on a meeting place? there is a lot of construction going on in and around Issaquah. I was thinking the Safeway in Monroe, around 11.
    19651 State Route 2 Monroe WA 98272
  5. I don't have my route yet but isn't that out of our way N? I thought I read Snoqualmie Pass and then two down by Rainier.

    It'd be a good meeting spot for me though. Some nice roads closeby so I can have some fun before the meeting time :D
  6. I was thinking about the northern three pass. Stevens, blewitt, Snoqualmie.
  7. Oh, not actually doing the 2005 3 Pass Blast.. gotcha. I've looked at that 2 to 97 to 90 loop before and thought about it. Won't 90 be a :snore: though?
  8. depends on what speed you take it at ;-)
  9. Haha, true, true, but I'm completely wussed out regarding speed limits thanks to that incident going only 8 over in the mountains. :oops:
  10. yes but you were dealing with super "dick" troopers over there...i don't know 90's flat but it a nice ride...although i've yet to see it when it wasn't raining....the nice thing about running on a weekday is that there is less bacon about
  11. 90 isn't too bad if you end with it. Kind of like a cool down. It's not totally straight west of Cle Elum either. Give it a shot. You'll enjoy. Wish I could go.

  12. couldn't you call in *cough* sick *cough* *cough* it's suppossed to be 80 degrees and sunny!
  13. I'm taking a three day week as it is. I'll have to wait until five :cry:
  14. can't feel too bad for you since you KC and Jezterr did the run while I was at work.
  15. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    Wish I could go, but duty calls. Just piece of advice; don't shred your rear sprocket half way up Blewitt!
  16. so are we still meeting up?