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Ride Report - Fringe

Discussion in 'Trail Reports' started by mikeysfun, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Went for a ride yesterday at Fringe with Thumpmeister, near Mattawa. Got some good shots. Total distance was 48 miles, roughly four hours of riding...

    Lots of soft sand, lots of rocks... fun ride. We started just off the highway about a mile south of the Vantage bridge, and headed out into the boonies. Ran into a few other riders, one said he was a tt'er, good to chat with you and your family. Otherwise not many riders around where we were, i think we saw a grand total of 8 other bikes, until we got to the Beverly sand dunes. They were packed... so basically we started up by vantage, ended up riding all the way to the Beverly sand dunes (cross country of course) to jump some dunes for a few minutes, then made our way back. Found the old service road to the railroad bridge that's out of service (see pictures), then made our way back up past the dam and to the trucks. Amazingly enough, i'm not even really sore today. Maybe it was being in Odessa last weekend that did it! :)


  2. my buddy and I were there the day after Oddessa. Did the same route, but went east to symaria, and found a killer hill climb that got us up to the top near mattawa. I was told that wasn't possible. Lots of fun, but hate the sand!

  3. Yeah, I hate the sand out there too, it's just too soft.... my buddy on the xr650 hit a soft spot, his front wheel sunk about a foot and he endoed.... funny as shit to watch, but still kinda sucky...

    I'll have to try to figure out which way you went... details? did you cross the creek? I'm really curious where the hill climb is... sounds like fun!
  4. Ill have to check again but I think that area is close to riding right now. Just dont want ya to get popped.
  5. Curious as to where that info might be found... ? Fringe MC had their dirty poker run out there two weeks ago with I imagine hundreds of participants... I followed most of the ribbons they still had out there...

    Anyway, always looking for information on riding areas... open closed, whatever... do share?
  6. Just saw you post on thumper talk. I wanna say Nick (old man time) was sayin some thing about it. He'll say some thing if it is closed, if it isnt sorry for bugging up your thread.
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  7. Have you ridden mattawa? It legal and lots of fun.
  8. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    He must have forgotten the first rule of sand, don't ever let off the gas!

    That looks pretty fun!
  9. Oh, i remember that rule very well... until the ol 450 starts pukin a little coolant... stupid racing models....

    no biggie on messin up the thread... yeah, rode mattawa a few times in the past... love climbing the dry creek beds late in the summer. Real slow, real technical... I'm curious as to who is in charge of the land up at "fringe"... i know it's not all privately owned, and I can't find any information about it on the BLM site... so who would own it? Maybe that's something you could ask old man time on thumpertalk? Thanks for any info... i'll see if i can get something myself.
  10. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Don't you know the CRF comes with a coolant overflow tank? Just drill a couple holes in the front down tube! :mfclap: Search on Thumpertalk for pics and how to.