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ride sat/sun 6/11or6/12?

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by tequilab0b, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. is anyone interested for a good long ride this sat and/or sun? The forcast has unfortunately changed for sat (last week it said part cloudy w/ 72 high now says few showers and 64) but sunday looks really good. the kids mom isn't working so hopefully I can get her to watch the kids and go for a good long ride (don't care where too much some where new which is most everything to me; maybe that rattlesnake grade I saw a few pic's others had posted and looked fun maybe even get into oregon). Just want to long a good amount of miles (i am down for 350+)!
  2. Sunday sounds rosy to me, but starting in spokane on my end...


  3. if I can swing it I don't mind rollin' that way. You can show me some of the roads up that away or what ever. I just want to get on the bike and get back into the swing of riding (I am still just getting pretty comfortable on the new bike and comfortable riding again). Just need to get on the bike and ride to get better!
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