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RIDE: Saturday April 23 - Noon - Roundy's Kawasaki

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by beansbaxter, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. This is over a week's notice, so you all have ample time to clear your calendar. Planning on a good motorcycle ride this day, the first trip to Spiral Highway so if you all dont know, then act like ya heard and you want to be here for this ride.

    Check back for meeting time and a map of the route.

    All you riders in the Pullman area, we can set it up so that we meet up with all of you when we pass through Pullman.

    For anyone who has to head back early that day, there will be a spot where that group can take back off to Spokane. The rest of us can continue the ride.
  2. I would vote to come back through Harrison/St. Maries, that road comes in a close second to spiral for "bangability" and it's nice to ride next to the lake for people of all speeds and skill level.
    P.S., are you planning the same route we took when Guff's bike took a crap on him?

  3. I was thinkin that route, take Highway 26 to Steptoe Butte (minus the cops this time), meet up with the WSU Moto Club in Pullman, take the back twisties to the straightaway along the river, hit Spiral 3 times, then continue on the route you mentioned with St.Maries and end up back around Lake CDA. After Spiral Highway, the early group can head back if they got to be back and the rest can continue on.

    I want to ride out to Elk River, but that will have to wait for another weekend when the weather gets a lil warmer in those shaded areas of question.

    That's just what I was thinking, up for any and all ideas so chime in.
  4. Sounds like that would be a badass ride. But don't know if a TON of people on spiral would be good or bad. That could be kindof fun but could get crowded at the same time. We'll have to see.
  5. It's usually not too bad, we've done it with a good 10+ bikes. Just space it out and you wait for everyone at the other end before turning back around. Send the fast people first and work your way down. have to go! I want to see your bike so bad!!
  6. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    could you tell me where that road is? I don't think that Ihave heard of it. And if possible I want to stay away from St. Mary's......that was the site of nasty little accident last year and I don't want my bike to be tempted to relive the

    any idea how clear the road is going to be? cuz places like Valley Chapel suck right now and it's early in the season and I'm not down for laying the bike down this early....I want o ride all summer....
  7. jabstar17

    jabstar17 Le Bitch

    SPIRAL HIGHWAY is near lewiston.

    I am game to go, weather permitting.
  8. The old Lewiston grade is called Spiral Highway, it sits right on the border of WA/ID or rather Clarkston/Lewiston. Easily in my top five for best roads to ride.

    As jezterr would say, "I wish I could put Spiral Highway in my pocket and take it with me."
  9. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

  10. So what time are you gonna be leaving and where are you meeting? I may be able to make it if you are meeting around noon, plus this will allow the nice weather to arive for the entire ride!
  11. I want to leave earlier, but if the R7 is going to be making a grand appearance, then high noon it is and I'll have an extra memory stick for the ole digital camera...gotta see this bike! All the hype and hoopla!

    Weather should be good, we'll head down to Spiral Highway and do the River Run and see where we are at with time from there. Should be a good ride too!

    Where do ya wanna meet up at????
  12. That works for me then, Roundy's it is. I was just there today actually. If ya havent heard, they moved from their old location to farther up the highway, and their new building is really cool!
  13. ROUTE: Spokane to Highway-27-South to Pullman. Head out on the back road toward the dam and the old dunes, and turn around at Boyer Park...come back and get back up on the loop and hit the River Run to Clarkston. Fuel up in Clarkston and hit up Spiral Highway.

    Total day ride should be about 350 miles.
  14. That sounds like a killer ride. I'm game weather permitting of course.
  15. let us pullman kids know when youll be rolling though so we can join the fun.
  16. yep yep, ive talked to a few riders from pullman already who want to know the same thing...but yeah i hope to meet up with all of you and meet some new riders and some past riders ive riden with, and add to the fun!
  17. Im doing the "cleaning from the core" deal cleaning up downtown from 8-1130. lame huh?

  18. If that is to 1130am, can you still meet up for the ride?
  19. Would have to roll back to the casa, leather up, take the bike off the stand and head to roundys, earliest id be there is 1230. I hate having to wait for one person, so i wouldnt expect someone to wait for me. If i can make it illbe there, if not i wont be. Should be a fun ride tho...