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Ride: Spokane Tuesday 6/28 - 430pm

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by beansbaxter, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. Kris and I are just riding over to Beaudrys in Post Falls, check out what they have in stock over there. Not much else planned, so its free game.

    Rain or shine, it dont matter.

    Meeting at 430pm at the Starbucks on Hamilton and Sharp.

    If your gonna make it for sure, post up so we know to wait for ya.

  2. Kris is pickin up his Duc on his lunch break but isnt off till 4ish this afternoon. I gotta run around to some local businesses this afternoon and get paid...been meaning to go down to Beaudrys to look at bikes and he wants to look at gear...

    But if others can make it at 2, ya'll can still ride of course. Kris and I will be there at 430...
  3. Sad.... I wanna see il monstro.

  4. I would not waste your time at Beaudry motorsports..... If you want to get great customer service for your Duc, Duc seattle is the best!!!!
  5. I agree that DucSea is a great shop, bar none the best in the NW, but Steve over a Beaudry's is trying to change that. You should go over there, ask to see steve himself, and talk with him, you might be surprised.

  6. I did.... He hung up on me durring the big BMW run last year.... The Gentleman who I got both bikes used to ride with him...... After Leonard passed away 3 years ago, His wife gave me the 2 Ducs. I was looking for parts for the Cagiva and the jerk behind the counter said my bike should not even be in the USA. I got pissed and called Steve, he said give us one more try please... I did about 2 months later, I gave the parts guys the part numbers I needed and they managed to get me the wrong parts again. I told them I would pay the airfreight to get them here and they said they would call me back. I did not hear back for 2 days. I called Steve on his cell phone and he told me he did not have time and if I wanted to run the BMW ralley, he would go back to the shop and order them himself and then hung up on me. One of my fellow workers here at PAML went over last weekend to look for a new bike and he told them he was looking to buy next year and really wanted to look and see what was new in the Ducati world. The salesman made a noise and walked off..... My cohort has the cash now but wanted to see how he was treated, off to Ducati Seattle, or any where else besides Beaudry.....
  7. I can tell you they fired all but dave at parts, and the entire service department has been replaced in the past 6 months. Steve knew about how shitty the service was, and made some changes. Biggest by far is Kevin in service, he revamped that shop. I can guarantee your PAML co-worker talked with Paul, who used to be a drunken piece of shit, recently went on the wagon, but is still an asshole. They are related, as you can tell, and their mother died last month, so things are changing more and more. Im not gonna go to bat for them, obviously you have your bad experiences, just thought Id relay any info I had from Steve when I talked with him a few weeks ago.

    Hope to ride with ya soon!

  8. Didnt Beaudrys scratch the paint on the gas tank on mvbrian's MV Agusta when he took it in for its first service?
  9. I am sorry for Steve and Paul's loss. As far as experiances, the bad thing is when someone gets treated like shit, they tell people! Me, Rick, and Elliott all have had it with them..... Rick rides a BMW 1100 and goes down south for service and I still have not found a good oldschool Ducati mechanic. I hate to take my scooters over to Seattle, but if Beaudry treats me and my friends like that, what do I do?
  10. One of the mechanics from Beaudrys is now a mechanic at Mac's Cycle in Clarkston, WA...dont know if that is too far.
  11. totally agree, each persons experience is their own. sorry it went so bad for you. Also good luck findin a good bevelhead over here, i think ducsea is your best bet.

  12. I am sorry, this thread started out as a ride, not my complaints about Beaudry. Please feel free to move my posts to the "bitching about a shop" forum..... :jerkit: