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ride sunday 7-15-2012

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by blizanthimum, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Who is riding and who is willing to take me along?
    I would like to do the Carson cougar or cougar Carson run but am not picky. Just need to get out.
  2. Jen is looking to make a run to the beach via some fun back roads in Oregon. I am stuck working, head over to bike night and hit some of the folks up over there.

  3. Tell Jen to swing by my place and I will show her my pet raccoons crackup:

    Seriously, if you guys are riding over to the coast you had better look me up. :tard: I live on Hwy 53
  4. Hell I rode 53 on Thursday and Friday last week then meet you up at Johnston Ridge on Saturday. No wonder your so good in the twisties, it is your daily commute.

    There is a no return policy that comes with her, so careful with what you ask for.
  5. That is way too funny, as I have been hitched for 20 plus years. How about a trade :nana

    BTW, Hwy 53 is my 'home track' :mrgreen:
  6. thank you.
    now hopefully it will stop misting soon so i can get out on one of these rides.
  7. Brand new tires + rain = a no go for me, sorry. Would love to do Carson/Cougar.
  8. Sucky! Hubs just got new Pirellis on his Zed and we were gonna go scrub! Bummed : (
  9. Sorry to those who backed out...... I'm currently sitting in the warm sun at the Cougar Store..... The roads are 99.9% dry and the sky is clearing......... Enjoy your Sunday I sure am and I've got the roads all to myself. :nana
  10. That is just the way things work around here. Changes every 5 minutes.
  11. I hate you :thefinge:
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