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Ride Sunday?

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by steve (oldertrble), May 28, 2005.

  1. Anybody in the Spokane area riding Sunday - I met "Bill" at Camp Suzuki Friday and he said he was thinking of Thompson Pass on Sunday - I can't locate "Bill" on the site - anybody know his user name? I'm game for a ride Sunday if anybody else is - it's gonna be a beautiful day for a ride -

  2. Me and my g-friend (passenger) are going for a ride it will be semi slow one for her and I. We will go by the depot around 1ish and see if any one is there if not we will go out by ourselfs and hump on the gixxer.

  3. as in office depot on no. division at francis? I'm more than likely going to leave earlier in the am and take a longer one - but who knows maybe I'll be there - thanks for the reply

  4. Steveo--- check freezecold or whatev his name is, might be the bill your lookin for
  5. G-Spot

    G-Spot Pint Size Pimpin'

    Steve found his "Bill" it was Paul.....Steve joined us for a great ride out to Thompson Falls, Montana today......
  6. Truly splendid i might add
  7. It sounds like I missed some of the group at the depot today. I rolled in about 0130 but there were a few others and we did the tum tum route.
  8. Great ride today and everyone ( hopefully) got home safely w/o any tickets or incidents of any kind - loads of sheriffs in the area around Cataldo enroute to Murray before you hit the slopes to Thomson Pass - must have been 5 or 6 of them all pulling people over - we behaved ourselves through that area - it's notoreous for providing revenue to Shoshone County -

    Great ride nice to be with you all

  9. Yes it was a blast riding with you today Steve. Fun keeping up with you and sucking in your exhaust. CDA was full with cops too. Not a good day if you wanted to speed
  10. its a good thing you guys had the best leader possible for the stretch with the kops :mrgreen: thanks for the fun ride today guys, that was a blast and we definately have to do that again. without the cops.

    and hey steve, keep that new gixxer nice and purty.

    i just got finished getting all the bugs off my jacket. :evil:
  11. haha how long did it take you to clean your jacket Tony? Haha, must have attacked that jacket with a scrubber and a high pressure washer
  12. Awesome ride you guys! I had a blast -- Thanks!
  13. Ha, I took my camera... went to take a picture, and it shut down... battery needed to be re-charged :( Needless to say, no pictures from me.
  14. I think G-Spot took one pic at a gas station. You would ahve to talk to her about it
  15. yeah it was a fun ride. all except for the bugs. but well worth the cleaning time. good ride, good company, good food and lots of speed.
  16. I say we do that run atleast once a month. Well worth the time.
  17. Good run, I still remember those "sportbikes" at lunch crackup:

  18. HAHAHAAH!!!

    yeah that was awesome. we hadnt seen any sportbikes all day and we stop for lunch and hear two things coming toward us that arent cruiseres. Paul goes "finally, more sport bikes, we havent seen any all day" and I go "those arent sport bikes, those are like mopeds or something"

    Paul goes "no, those are definately sport bikes, i know it". so we wait for them to drive by and all we can see of the highway above us is a little section between two buildings.

    low and behold when the sound reaches us it turns out to be two kids on gas powered scooters. it was awesome.

    good times.

  19. damn kids, I think its time i get my hearing checked or get off of the crack!!!!!!