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Ride Sunday

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by ziggyf86, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. Lets go for a spin sunday. Meet at teroro at 12. weather permitting of course.
  2. See ya there!

    Damn, was going to suggest we take a longer rider down to Lewiston via the dam, but it's closed on Sundays. Garr.

  3. I thought the damn was just closed all the time. First year in Pullman we use to cross the damn to goto the infamous "dunes" where a whole lot of illegal activtiy went on, but since the dam closed up for whatever reasons, then no more dunes for the wazzu crowd. So is it back open?
  4. Been open for a while, now. You have to check in at the side you're crossing from. The guard writes down the license plate number of everyone in the group, checks driver's licenses, tells you not to stop while on the dam and opens the gate for you. The two gaurds on duty when KLR Nick and I went through were both plenty friendly and nice. I think they were happy to have someone to talk to, hehe.

    We then went to what we thought were the Dunes, since neither of us were there before. Nick squeezed his KLR between some narrow posts and went exploring in the sand for a bit while I played with my GPS in a gravel parking lot. Good times.

    As for this ride, I'm thinking we could ride on down to Boyer Park/Almota, where the dam it at. It's a nice ride, but you can't make a loop out of it, you have to backtrack. I think it'll be around 50 miles or so of riding, total.
  5. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    down to boyer park and back is always a nice ride. if i had the gear out there that i have now, there and spiral highway would be where i would try to break in my knee pucks... :D

    watch out for cows. i almost hit one on the bike out there coming around a corner. STUPID COW!
  6. Pictures:


    I have one more, same angle, but I'm not in the picture. Ah well.

    Ziggy and Whistle headed out to Wawawai and off to Lewiston while I headed back home to do homework. Hope they had a nice longer ride, I had a good time.
  7. It was a very nice long ride indeed. Rode the river to Lewiston, headed up the Kendrick grade to Troy and back.
  8. Hi guys! It was an enjoyable ride and a morning that started out cloudy and grey turned out sunny and awesome. Here are a few more pics.

    Jake & Matt fresh and ready to go!

    Lower Granite Dam

    Our bikes resting and waiting for us.