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Ride to the coast tomorrow 9/13

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Flyboymedic, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. I'm considering a ride to Pacific City tomorrow via Nestucca River Rd. I'm in SE and will be riding my Husky. Pace will be moderate and potentially on the slower side of moderate depending on one's perspective or who comes along. Meet at See See Motor Cafe on 1642 NE Sandy Blvd at 10:30am KSU at 11am. I'll be riding South down to Wilsonville and then over so could meet up along the way.

    Post here if you're coming along, otherwise I won't bother showing up at See See.
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  2. I'm in Tualatin, I can meet near or in wilsonville, what time and where in wilsonville?

  3. I could be down for such a ride.
  4. Ok, it's on. Alfang, I can meet you at the Graham Oaks Nature Park on Wilsonville Rd around 11:30ish in the circular parking lot.
    Looking forward to it guys.
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  5. D'OH!!!!

    Sorry, not going to make it. Just can't move enough other things around. Well, enjoy the ride.
  6. It was a great day for a ride to the beach! I went down Nestucca River Rd and up to the 'viewpoint' and back down Bible Creek Rd. Coming back I did NRR all the way back and they're all amazingly nice right now! VERY little gravel or wood chips. If you're going to do it, do it in the next 2 weeks or you're going to have to deal with the moss and gravel.
  7. Awesome pic. Sand is fun.
  8. IS the construction on Nestucca river rd finished? We cycled the route earlier in the summer and it was closed down and looked like it would be for awhile. We had to hike our bikes through the actual river to get around it :)
  9. I rode it yesterday afternoon, still a crew but the road is open. Loose gravel in the area.
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