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ride tomorrow 9/13/13

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by lazyeye, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Kickstands up at 6ish at philomath chevron.
    Destination is that one place, with the twisties, the two gates, and the fee area (not that we stay there, just turn around).
    Pace is "sporty".
    Bring you talisman and charms as we scare off the road gremlins for another few months.
  2. We do need another Coast run before the chance is competely gone.

  3. I'm at the track (hopefully) next weekend. Weekend after that?
  4. So I'm relatively new (5 weeks, ~1500 miles), where are these roads? I want to go out onmy own and progress at my own rate. I don't think I'm down for group rides yet.
  5. Thanks man! I'm going to scope these out in the morning before i go out with y'all!