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Ride tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by cruiserlane, Apr 22, 2005.

  1. Is anyone planning on riding tomorrow (Saturday)? I just joined the forum today but tagged along for a ride a couple weeks back. It was a lot of fun. Weather should be great.
  2. the tentative plan is for the spokane crowd to ride though in the afternoon and go with them for a lap on the spiral highway but the details are still a bit fuzzy. check the eastsides posts for more details. and welcome to the site

  3. i checked out the eastside posts and it looks like everyone is still working on how/if Pullman crowd will join in. Hopefully it will all work out.
  4. Welcome to the site cruiserlane, glad to have ya!

    Hey Leif is on this board under lcf, but you can always call him for a ride, tell him you got his number from Daniel, he rides an 04 GSXR600 and his number is 951-0529.

    If my bike is good to go, I am definitely heading down towards Pullman tomorrow, still waiting to get the bike back, it should have been done a couple days ago uggggg
  5. Sorry all, but I will not be able to make it on this ride. I planned this ride before that SUV decided to run into me. Needless to say, I still do not have my bike back just yet.

    For all of ya in Pullman (and in Spokane), it'll have to wait till next weekend most likely, but I'm Spiral bound as soon as all systems are a go.

    I doubt the Spokane crew will ride down there without me, so I would suggest figuring out your own ride destination and when/where to meetup.

    Sorry again...
  6. That a bummer deal. Both that your bike wont be ready and no one is coming down this way. Oh well, just got back from a ride this afternoon, last minute. Even had a guy join us at the gas station riding a vulcan 1500. Awesome bike. That will be my next :) Watch for pictures.
  7. Thank you cruiserlane for the compliment. I fell in love with the 1500 while only seeing pictures of it on the internet. Drove 450 miles one way to buy it and hauled it home on a trailer. I can;t keep off of it...especially with this beautiful weather! ;)

    I am able to tag along tomorrow so if you read this please send email so I know where to meet.


    P.S. BB...Sorry to hear about the bike and accident! Hope your back on the road soon!
  8. The link beanbaxter included says its for 4/30, not 4/23. Just for the record I'm ready for both days. But is anyone else planning for 4/23? Besides myself and Cary says he's looking.
  9. I've got work from 1 to 9 and several large project deadlines looming. :(
  10. My bad, I'll shut up now. :roll:
  11. LOL...I read that late last night / early morning and thought I better try again this A.M. I'm glad it's not my glasses! :)