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Ride, Tuesday Oct 10th

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Spec, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. CBR_Femme & I will be making a run Tuesday evening. We haven't discussed routes yet but we'll be out for a couple hours, should be about 73 degrees and sunny :mrgreen:

    Post up if you'd like to come along. Maybe out to Hagg Lake? Shes by the mall off 215 and I'm in Wilsonville to give you an idea of location.

    Thanks! ;)
  2. what time you thinking? My buddy and I may wanna go. Havn't done a ride with anyone on this forum yet.

  3. Probably 5:00-7:00pm or so. Let me know your times if something works better. Would be good to meet you! ;)
  4. I will try and make it. I have a lot to get done Tue. before i can get home. I will give you a call and see whats up tomorrow.
  5. Yeah I'm thinking i'll be home close to 4:30 from downtown Ptown. I'm over by Washington Sq Mall. 217hwy. So i can meet up mostly anywhere.
  6. Sweet, talk to you tomorrow, Del.

    Sabrina! You gonna pass me round these corners yet? :nana
  7. where is hagg lake?
  8. A nice route consisting of muey twisties between Wilsonville and Hagg would be Haugen road off of Parrett Mtn to Newberg, then up Bald Peak to Laurelwood Road and down to Hagg from there.

    I can give more details if you're interested. Pic is Haugen Road.

  9. Looks like fun. Would you like to come out?
  10. I'd like to but Tue is "get stuff done around home" day so I can make one last trip to Windy Ridge on Wed.
  11. Sorry guys/gals I'm out for Tuesday since the earliest I can get off work is 630.... I'm open wednesday though.
  12. I am always looking for good roads, and I will definately check this one out sooon, but I would be slowing you down on my klr so have fun
  13. Naw i hear those "motards" are pretty sweet on the back roads. And heck if you go off the road.. *laughs* well.. YOU CAN!!. :nana No plastic bits breaking off for you! :roll:

    Hey Spec, naw i'll let you lead. After all i'm guessing you have better insurance. :evil4:
  14. Stuhlm, I'm sure if you come out you'd be fine. I'm going to be taking it easy anyhow. Sabrina is still pretty new to riding so my main goal is to get out there and help her draw lines and build confidence. I wont be railing by any means.

    Sabrina, I'll call u at lunch to figure meeting time out.
  15. Coolios. I may be on the bike, so if i miss ya, i'll holla back. :)
  16. You want to meet us on Bald Peak Rd at the start, maybe at the first driveway on the left, where I waited for u last time? Say, round 5:45ish?
  17. Oh that would be perfect. Here's the thing. My friend is going through a really shitty time. So i was gonna haul ass after work out to Streets of tanasbourne to surprise her and make her feel better, then head back home. Not sure if i can make that time, but i'll try really damn hard to do so. I'll have the cell with me. But it's on the last bar, so i have it turned off for now, till i get back across town. I'll holla at you, when i'm about to leave her area, and see what's what. :)
  18. as long as you call before 5:15, stulhm and I are taking off round then.
  19. awesome.. will do!! oOOh can't wait to see the killer roll! sad that he'll probably kick my ass. lol
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