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Ride up near Mt. Rainier this weekend 9/8 or 9/9

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by BPWilsonCBRF3, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Okay guys, Long distance ride this Saturday

    Meet @Sbux off Andersen next to Home depot at 9 KSU around 930

    Route would head up past Mt. St. Helens on Nsf25 to Hwy 12, then 123 to 410 coming out near Yakima, then down through klickitat to 14 and home.

    Plan to be riding all day, 400+ miles, will be a moderate pace ride, I don't typically go above 65 mph on straightaways

    Another Route Option: MAP
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  2. What type of pace will the ride be? I am possibly interested, but if it's a fast pace deal, probably not for me.

  3. I have a trip like this planned for next week. A weather dependent weekday tho.
  4. A few of us did this last weekend. The traffic in Ranier NP SUCKED ASS!!! I was about to scream in my helmet
  5. I'm interested. But also wanna know the pace. Not wanting to ride at the higher end of my skillset for that many miles.
  6. I edited the OP but I run a steady moderate pace, around 65mph max


    Nothing too crazy but I refuse to stay behind someone going under the speed limit for more than a mile :nana

    This will be a nice leisurely ride at my usual pace. I might lose some in the twisties but since i don't go any faster on the straights, and there will be a good mix of those, riders not wanting to keep my pace will easily catch up. and as always i'll wait for everyone at turns and gas/stoping/re-grouping points.
  7. It was a steady line of cars with lots of oncoming traffic. I thought of just going down the yellow line or shoulder many times, believe me. That being said, I still might be up for this.
  8. Would love to go Devin but, its my weekend with my boys.
  9. FYI, Stevens Canyon road is now closed for repairs, so you can only go up to Paradise then have to turn around. Sorry to bring bad news, I was planning a similar ride myself. Actually, FS 25 is closing in late Sep too, but you should be clear there.
  10. revised route do to rainier road closure, could also include windy ridge

  11. Might be in if it is a Saturday ride.
  12. If there was someway I could get this Saturday off I would be super stoked for this ride.
  13. I might try to do that route on Friday.....

  14. You got a bike for me to ride, I could go on Friday just lacking the bike.

    Edit: I will ask on Facebook and see if I can find a bike for Friday. Lets ride!
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  15. Sorry Devin, I would love to do this run, but my sister needs a manny for a week, so I'm probably out for two weekends. :angry7:
  16. For sure man...the DRZ or the vstrom. Meet me at my place Friday morning - there is a road that leads up to the coast I had been wanting to do for a while....will be a perfect day to head west instead of east due to the heat!
    I'll pm you details on FB.

    sorry Deven for thread jack...

  17. :mfclap:Im in!:mfclap:
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