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Rider Arrested, Police chase

Discussion in 'Kitsap' started by WaGigKPN, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Yeesh! 101mph, the wrong way on the freeway?

  2. anyone missing a bike in Kitsap, I think they found it?
  3. ... darn near all of us are older than 18, too.
  4. the way it reads it sounds like he got away initially but they found the bike later? lol, probably parked it outside his house.
  5. Outrunning the cops to beat and 80 ticket Mandatory appearence
    Driving the wrong way at 101 mph on a freeway Jail Time
    Parking the bike outside your house and taking a nap Priceless
  6. :mfclap:

    Sounds like someones been playing too much Need for Speed Most Wanted. :thefinge:
  7. Are_Six

    Are_Six Moderator Staff Member

    If you run don't park your bike outside...
  8. Is it really a high speed chase if you never get out of 2nd?
  9. 1st. :nana
  10. Why would you go home after this? Wouldn't you park your bike, walk home, and call the cops in the morning to report a theft? Did he forget about that license plate thing?
  11. That's the second time at least that someones gotten caught like that. At least park it in front of a buddies house, lol. That way he'll have a cool story to tell all your friends at the weekend kegger, once they figure out it wasn't him and your sittin in the pokey.
  12. That's why I cover my bikes ...haha
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