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Rider Down Cornelius Fred Meyers

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by taznhell, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. There was a area at Cornelius Fred Meyers that was taped off with police tape, cops taking pics of a accident scene. Saw a Black Sport bike CBR maybe was hard to tell. There was a body being loaded into the coroners van. Was told it was a car to bike collision in the parking area. Not sure all the details but RIP to the rider.
  2. A motorcyclist was killed after a collision involving a car in the parking lot of a Cornelius Fred Meyers Thursday afternoon.

    Forest Grove Fire & Rescue spokesperson Matt Johnson reports that the crash occurred before 3:40 p.m. in the parking lot, located on the 2200 block of Baseline Street. The details were not confirmed. The motorcyclist, who was not identified, was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Traffic in the area was not affected.

    The crash occurred less than an hour after a motorcycle crash in Forest Grove that sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries.

    It appeared that the rider was riding into the lot down a side road when the car pulled in front of him from the parking lot. That is unconfirmed

  3. Old and inattentive drivers are dangerous.
  4. Always the car at fault, eh?
  5. The rider was Rudy Luna. The world is a lesser place this morning for the loss of this wonderful man. I am a better person to have known him. Rudy is the kind of guy who brings a smile to your face when he is near, even if you don't know him. A kind soul who would do anything for a stranger. He loved unconditionally and asked for nothing in return. I'll miss my friend. RIP Rudy! Peace, Love and Prayers to your family.
  6. In this case, yes the car was at fault.

    RIP Rudy.
  7. Never enough details in these reports. We'll never know what the rider was doing, unfortunately.

    Is it cool to post the name given this? "Police have not released his name, pending family notifications."

    Wonder if Leatherman is getting phone calls.
  8. Can't we please keep this civil Tormatic?

    Someones loved one is dead, and the report clearly points out it was not his fault.

    We should be trying to help the family and friends deal with there grief, not giving out grief.
  9. You don't know me. I haven't been posting on here long enough for you to know anything about me, or develop an opinion about my bias. I'll call out a rider-at-fault as fast as the best of you, and I actually do know what I'm talking about.

    So relax, take the comment at face value (we all know that OLD AND INATTENTIVE RIDERS ARE DANGEROUS), stop ass-u-me-ing, and I won't suggest you change your name to "Trollmatic."
  10. Not an original suggestion. Smooches, Trollmatic.
  11. I don't care if the rider was doing a wheelie going 80mph. I have close calls every week from shit like this. When you have four steel walls around you, the average fender benders and t- bones are a little more survivable. This is coming from someone that's been riding a long time and never had a accident. I avoided around eight hundred, no joke. So lets show some respect. He was a rider and comrade. Keep your eyes open, cars are out for your two-wheeled ass.
  12. Aprilia

    Aprilia Sweep Crusader

    Correct, Bill.
  13. first off, RIP to the rider, and God be with his family.... but..

    I'm trying to understand a) how fast was he going and/or the car for this to lead to a fatal accident, and b) was he wearing gear, and if so what kind and how much?

    Parking lots CAN be dangerous and usually lead to injuries and usually minor damage... but a fatal accident?
  14. Very sad to hear. RIP Rudy.
  15. Was kinda wondering this myself. Just as an academic exercise, if anything.

    RIP rider.
  16. Bleh, sorry to hear...very sad. RIP rider.

    For each of these threads I read concerning an incident such as this, I am reminded to ALWAYS keep my head on a swivel and ride like cars are out to get me.
  17. I saw the bike did not look very damaged, forks were bent but plastic was mostly in tact. Overheard one of the traffic investigators say he hit the pavement wrong. That one split second to react and due to circumstances he just landed wrong and it cost him his life. The witnesses said he did not appear to be traveling too fast. The speed on the side road is 20mph, most people travel 30-35mph on it though.

    When a car pulls out in front of you it is literally a split second to react, hitting the car will flip you over it and you could land in such a way as to end it all. This can happen at low speeds. I feel for the rider and also the woman in the car as she has to live with knowing he is dead. Sucks all the way around.
  18. In the past week I have seen this accident, one on 219 and another at a on ramp to 26 near exit 57. With the nice weather more bikes are out, goes without saying BE CAREFUL. We all want to make it home safely.
  19. I assume he was wearing a helmet, but maybe no other gear? or was it not a full face helmet maybe? :scratchea

  20. You are on here enough that you may know how to do this. How do I add you to my block list?
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