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Rider down - pics

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by PeeJay, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. Got home to find :scared [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The one cop was taking lots of pictures, many of the bike. Didn't see a rider, must have been taken away already? OPB says it will be shut down for hours so it must have been bad. I took a look through my spotting scope - it doesn't seem to be terribly banged up:scratchea Just that white Honda and the bike were involved it seems.

    UPDATE: Van "Portland Major Crash Team" just showed up. Doesn't sound good.
  2. Update: PoPo twitter says "life threatening injuries." Fuk.

  3. Was watching that on the news. Yeah, where's the crash? Somebody pull a gun?
  4. Can we please make it a bannable offense when people can't post appropriately sized pictures?
  5. +1
    Gee whiz man!
  6. One man's "appropriate" is another man's "awfuk." :thefinge:
  7. Or you could leave, and problem solved.:thefinge:
  8. I was just asking myself what stinks....then I realized that I'm in the oregon section again. You're right, I should leave.
  9. Thank you, bu bye.
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  10. +1
    Cap that shit at 1000 pixels wide. I don't like viewing images a pixel at a time.
  11. Gotama

    Gotama WMRRA 1st VP

    you're a '10 he's an '07
    therefore he is right you're wrong
    that's just how it work
    and I'm referring to his seniority date:tard:
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  12. Another addition issue that leaves retards to figure out the math. Why are cons so stupid :secret:
  13. While not as impressive as a ten inch crank, seven is still respectable. Does anyone have any more info on this incident, though?
  14. Reporters said this morning that the rider is in critical condition. Investigators believe "she locked up her back wheels and was thrown from the bike".

    Yes, that's an actual quote.
  15. RIP rider

    She didn't make it
  16. Something tells me you were violated by someone claiming to be from Oregon at some point in your life and never got the pyschiatric help you needed.

    I wish I could see what the ginormous picture was trying to show.
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