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Rider Safety Info Sheet

Discussion in 'Central' started by 96ssportsp, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone,
    With the start of a new riding season I would like to make the the following rider information sheet available to all who might ride with me. I know this is personal, but so is being in a situation such as I had last July. At least consider carrying this with you on your bike. Thanks, Scott.

    P.S.- This form comes courtesy of Marv Travis in the Seattle area.

    Full Name
    Home Address

    E-mail Address
    Home Phone Number
    Cell Phone Number

    Motorcycle Year, Model
    License Plate Number

    Emergency Contact #1
    Contact Phone Number

    Emergency Contact #2
    Contact Phone Number

    Medical Insurance Carrier
    Policy Number
    Group Number

    Vehicle Insurance Carrier
    Policy Number

    Towing Service
    Policy Number

    Special Instructions
    Tow Bike with Valuables
    Secure and Leave at Location

    Medical Conditions
    Blood Type, (if known)
  2. And as a professional request - add a list of your medications please.

    And I hope NOBODY on this forum comes see me at work. But if you need to, I hope I'm on shift. Hear that Mario? No flights to Seattle for you!

  3. Thanks Scott. I'll be keeping one in my tank bag.

    On top of that I call for some serious discussion in the rider meeting. Also, the leaders should set some boundries. I have some regrets I guess.
  4. Great idea, I'll set mine up. I had a recent vertigo episode that laid me out in Columbia Park. My wife was with me, but if I'd been on the bike someone would've needed that info badly...
  5. great idea... i will definitely print one out tomorrow at work and put it in the bag
  6. Thanks Scott! I'll be carrying that list.

    Also a good idea to enter and store an I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) number on our cell phones.
  7. Ha Ha..Its going to be a good year for me, I need to stay out of trouble..
  8. Got one in the tank bag already,,had a similar situation last year too, if it wasn't for one of the other riders having the right information, we would of been in trouble,,,:mrgreen:
  9. mjn

    mjn Forum Admin Staff Member

    Great idea Scott.

  10. ^^^^^
    holy smokes that thing is expensive, u can get those for like 2 bucks at tatical stores or from military bases, if i was in the states right now id pass em out i got like 4 of em. and i think sport stores have the best Q-back sleeve ... they work great too but shouldnt be that expensive.
  11. skinny_punk

    skinny_punk One Legged Rocket Rider

    Great advice from a pro! :thumblef: