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riders down on farmington rd.

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by tims007, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Two motorcyclists killed on farmington road this morning at 12.30am head on with a dodge ram..rider and passanger killed on bike ..... i hope its no one on rider.

    Edit... rural washington county road....... red doge ram front end is smashed in REALLY good so someone was speeding WAY to fast..... the truck looks like it hit a car not a bike but it was a bike aparently
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  2. [​IMG]

    See you when we get there.

  3. If one of yall with a computer out want to find the article and post it feel free.. im on my phone and saw it on the tv.....and well not getting out of bed till i get my coffee
  4. You get coffee in bed? Pretty awful sounding accident.
  5. I haven't found a news article yet.

    Last night I could hear the sirens going up and over the hill. I listened in on the live scanner / dispatch feed here:

    The incident happened on SW 175th, not far from the intersection with SW Kemmer Road. Also not far from TVF&R Station 69.

    Driver and passenger of the pickup truck required mechanical extraction from the dashboard of the vehicle and were taken for medical treatment.

    I heard over the scanner that it was head-on at speed, and neither the rider nor passenger on the motorcycle survived.

    I don't have any other info, and I have not yet gone past the scene.
  6. edit was not farmington but somewhere out in the boonies

    Be careful with your passes :|
  8. Rest in peace. Prayers to the families. Prayers for recovery for the Shottenkirks.
  9. as much as I enjoy riding at night... the drunks come out then and I'd sooner avoid them as much as I can.
  10. Stuped fucken rider... . :p.....look at the that is some speed there to do that kind of least it was quick :)
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  11. Sucks he had to kill his passenger.
  12. Holy Crap.That is some damage alright.Speed was a factor alright.RIP.Stay safe out there.
  13. Really sad. The damage to the truck is unbelievable.

    It's hard to second guess this type accident, but in almost every situation, there's room on the center line for a bike between cars. Especially if the cars move over just a bit. I've never had to use that gap, but it's a better alternative to what happened. Anything is better than a head-on collision. But warp speed by the bike added to the speed of the truck may have made that type of avoidance impossible.
  14. Ugh. This is only about a mile from my house. I ride the route at least twice every weekday.

    There's several hills/dips, and there's just no visibility to pass,

    Regardless, RIP rider & passenger. Hopefuly someone will learn from the horrible events.

  15. Hills, no passing zone, and after dark. Bad time to pass two cars, especially riding two up.
  16. They say speed was a factor
  17. I wonder if the truck rolled afterwards or they had to use the jaws of life on it. It looks like the rear quarter panel got crumpled.That's insane.

    I'd talk shit, but fate has been on my side for more than one stupid decision on my part. Rip rider and passenger.
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