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Riding Buddies

Discussion in 'Bend' started by windunderhawk, May 29, 2020.

  1. 59 year young dude looking for riding buddies.schedule pretty clear.98 VFR no chicken strips.Eastern Oregon is my sand box,care to carve.2 wheels and a good attitude all that's required.Thanks
  2. Howdy. I am relatively new around here (in SR) and connected up with the MotoFantasy crowd between here and LaPine. You may have noticed the signs headed south on 97. Good bunch of people, our age plus or minus a bit lean toward sportbikes but open to all. They in turn pointed me to a Sat morning meet up at Richards donuts on Sat morning 9 ish. The MotoFantasy guy has some interesting things in his rental fleet, but he has a buddy lives across the road who has a real interesting collection of stuff. If you are interested shoot me an email or get ahold of Doug at MotoFantasy and tell him Brian sent you.

  3. Eastern Oregon has some good riding
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  4. Hi Brian, thanks for the reply, Yes I know of Motofantacy cool dudes, and also have been to Richards.It just seems like the Richards crowd dose more visiting than riding.