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Riding in the cold and ice/frost.

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by Cyclotron, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. I do not own a car.
    I ride a motorcycle or bicycle exclusively to work every day.
    I do have an option to ride the germ express (i.e. TriMet) when needed.

    With that I set out for work on my Ninja this morning in 30 degree temperature I wondered what to look for when determining to ride or not when there is a chance of ice, freezing fog, frost etc.

    What do all you sage motorcyclists feel abouit this?

    Many Thanks.

  2. I was debating to... chickened out took the truck... Slick spots no good for bikes. Cold is no issue... Ice and other slick stuff... Member what my instructer said shiny in the road bike won't like it... Keep the shiney side up... Peace Wave! :secret: Chris.

  3. When its at all sketchy out, I ride my scooter. Its way lighter and easier to pull out of the bushes than the 650r if gravity decides to play dirty.

    I lived on Skyline for over 4 years. Last year, It snowed over 20 times. Melts off by 9 or 10AM usually, but that doesn't mean I didn't have to ride in it. Maybe some day I will get a car... Maybe.

    And watch out for the De-icer. Sounds stupid, but that stuff is slipperier than the ice.

  4. <unusually large props>

  5. Ok...I just that video of you chasing the Litre boys.

    WHERE was that amazing road?!!
  6. I ride either my bicycle or motorcycle to work every day. There are only a handful of days a year when it is too ferocious for a two-wheeler.

    Snow, obviously, will put me on the bus. Cold doesn't matter to me. If the roads look mostly dry and frost-free, I'll go for it.

    Living in the hills in SW Portland usually means that if it's rideable in my neighborhood, it will have better conditions downtown and the east side of town.

    If I am ever caught at work when a snowstorm rolls in, I'll just leave my motorcycle in the garage and take the bus home.
  7. Carson WA to the ranger station.
  8. @ Transported: Good to meet another all around 2 wheeled brother!

    @ Anatasia: Got a map on that ride?!! :)
  9. I don't own a car, and haven't for many years. Last winter I rode my bike to work for all but three days.

    Dry cold can be physically uncomfortable, and colder tire temperatures necessitate a gentler approach to riding.

    Wet cold can be even less comfortable, and visibility for both yourself and auto drivers can become a challenge in addition to the above.

    Fresh snow is doable, with reasonably aggressive tires and very careful control inputs, but it becomes very difficult to avoid out-of-control cars. Old snow can hide ice.

    Frost should be treated like fresh snow.

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  11. Usually if its anywhere below 35 and wet I leave the bike at home and take my tacoma.
  12. The last few years accumulated snow and ice is what it took for me to park it for the day. Freezing rain/fog, light snow, black ice, didnt stop me it just changed how i rode that day. I own four motorcycles and no 4 wheeled vehicles, year round 2 wheel commuter here. Thos winter i have a plated dirt bike, bring on the ice and snow.
  13. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Ice and Frost? Really? Why waste yourself and bike? FOG can = ice, or black ice.

    Don't have a cage? Bus pass. Car pool.

    If you think you can't afford a car, wait until you get ran over and your bike totaled.

    Nothing like 9 months unemployment and $250,000 in medical expensises.
    Don't count on 'the other guy' to have insurance or a license.
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  14. +1+1

    and 35 may be optimistic. I've hit ice on a bridge at higher temps than 35.

  15. Hasn't stopped you from riding at those temps though, has it? 8)
  16. Touche'. We have photographic proof of Bing44's "sleigh rides." On the other hand he has never fallen off and blamed cold tires! crackup:
  17. that is one of the most surreal moments I have had on two wheels - I was going uphill in the little snow, and realized the car in front of me was sliding backwards and broadsiding down towards me :scared
  18. I'm with you but my limit is 40F, I been puttin some miles on the Tacoma

    I use to think I was a pretty dedicated until joining here, holy crap! These cats are certifiably nuts! No snow for me No sir!

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  19. GRN


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