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Riding Season is here!

Discussion in 'Northern ID' started by kevjoh, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. I'm up in Bonners Ferry and I actually got a ride in on my new bike! I'm hoping so run to post falls Sunday if the weather permits!...I have been itching to get on the bike!
  2. looks like Sunday might be the day. I been out every day no ice on roads since January. Back roads from here to Bonners Ferry would be fun.

  3. naw the road is boring to bonners...almost completly straight! Maybe going through spirit lake area would be more interesting. I have been out a few times now and once to that ice is not such a factor I will be riding in to the office alot more!
  4. My family is from spirit lake. The lake road is awesome. It would be even better if they took better care of it.
  5. been riding all winter when the roads permit... riverview is STILL muddy and rocky in spots especially from the rain. Water over roadways in a few spots and the temps haven't been nice enough to completely dry out the roads... watch yer butt ;-)
  6. Went over Riverview today and it was mostly epic but FYI gravel elves have booby-trapped a few corners, so stay sharp if you ride it :)

    Also I love the loop from CDA to Standpoint via Spirit Lake then back down 95... If I was starting in Bonners tho, man you cant beat the run thru Moyie Springs to Troy, Libby, Kalispell...

    The weather has been so good this week! :mfclap: