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Riding The Hooligan Style

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Matin99, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. who would like to go for a ride next week. i just got my bike out of the shop.
  2. C'mon guys and gals my bike is beautiful and I've had excellent reviews every time out. we'll ride to fit the groups comfort zone. any ideas anyone where this ride should take place?

  3. I dont know that I can review your bike, but Ill be around all week, and the big T is always game for trouble.

  4. Sounds great. The ride that I took w/ Lea and Horizon was about 140 miles and was pretty fun. It was pullman, colfax, dusty, dodge, pomeroy (sp), clarkston, up spiral, uniontown, colton to pullman. I might be interested in doing that run again. I just have to make sure that my bike isn't going to act up this time. I popped a fuse, then replacement fuse popped too (but it was a used fuse that I tested from another bike), post up this weekend about what the plan is and you should get some interested people.
  5. Alright Hardly, I can't let you get away with it anymore. Spell my name wrong again and I will spit an Altoid in your helmet!
  6. Oh crap. Sorry Lia... Hooked on FOnyx Worked For ME!

    I know a girl back home named Lea... hell... it's still a vowel... it's not like I am spelling loa or anything! :mrgreen:

    Oh, sorry for spitting that altoid in your helmet too!
  7. Your on, you heard it guys. Keep track of this guy's spelling of my name. I am a poor college student and not above calling you out on the deal! Even though it is a whole seven or eight bucks! :nana
  8. So.. Lea was the chick in Star Wars right? :scratchea
  9. Um... yes, that would be correct.

    Wendy and I have a friend back home who used to watch jasper and her name was Lea also... but she didn't have the cinnamon bun haircut (not that Lia does either)
  10. Yeah but wouldn't she look awful cute on the lil ninja with the bun doo. But then her helmet wouldn't fit. crackup:
  11. So everyone is in for next week? Alright Jedi warriors the ride Hardly suggested is ok with me. Hardly is this a morning or evening ride...and whats the approximate duration of total ride time.
  12. Well, I have done it twice now... and figure it's about 154 miles. No less than three hours but probably closer to four to be safe. I'll keep an eye out for a time and date. I am leaving for Vancourver, WA on Thurs afternoon so I will be out of town for the whole weekend. Anything after Sunday is good for me. Have a good riding weekend.
  13. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    i vote an evening ride.

    you takin the bike to Vancouver, Lia???
  14. bout a 300 day for me, puts me on the ducati. Cant swing an evening, but you guys plan it for what works for you.

  15. Yea, a ride sounds fun! I'm busy this weekend, bummer. But can free up a weekday with enough notice. Others may have to bring ear plugs with two Buells in the pack, lol.
  16. Spudman there wont be any room for any other bikes to sing songs. Our wicked waves will shake the hell out of everything. The day I rode my bike into Moscow I got just about everyones attention. People were standing on thier tippy toes and jumping around and most cars i past gave me more than enough room. When I pulled into Jimmy G's the young men like myself where shaking with excitement. Some of the guys in the shop were stumbling over thier words and at one point i had suggested to one guy to take a deep breath. Jimmy's wife commented "that sounds great":) One guy gave me his brand new r6 to run to my apartment which i have to say "rocks". My Lightning finally has thunder. This is a boast about your motorcycle website right :mrgreen: .

    The ride next week in the evening will work, about 3 or 4ish on Tuesday. My week is flexiable so if that day doesnt work post up.
  17. Where should we meet at? I think we shoud meet at Rosauers parking lot in Moscow at 1pm Tuesday.
  18. works for me, I'll show up with my hair in a "princess leia" bun too.
  19. we might need to pump this ride to a different day. I had to order a brake part which will be here Tuesday. so the ride may need to be later in the evening which may mean a shorter ride distance. whats everyones opinion? the part may show before noon.
  20. I had Jimmy G put a new front tire on for me yesterday, great price too. As I was standing at the counter writing the check my son comes over and syays "Hey Dad, check out that really cool Buell over there". And it was Martin's ride still looking lonely. I made a comment to Jimmy about it and he sheepishly said, "I order the wrong part for him". I could tell Jimmy was more than a bit embarassed.

    If we have to make it a shoorter ride Tuesday, then let's go up to Steptoe butte, the view is a wower. If we move to another date then post up about it so I can free up some work time. And take it easy on that new rubber when you get your bike back. It will be very slick for about 20ish miles, until the mold release is heated out. Hope to see you in the wind soon.