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Riding to Laguna Seca

Discussion in 'Wenatchee' started by breezebike, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. My friend, Doug, and I rode down to the World Superbike races earlier this month and had a great trip. He was on a ZZR 1200 and I rode my Tiger 800. I started to write about the trip but then decided to make a new post on my blog about Laguna and then follow it up with a trip report.

    You can click on the link below.
  2. Fantastic trip my friend. I am extremely bummed that I didn't get to go this year - that ride is my absolute favorite experience. It sounds like you have have done this trip multiple times for GP.

    How was the World Superbike experience? Did they still do the Cannery Row party or have any events in town? I am extremely saddened by the absence of MotoGP at Laguna now, but I will go for World Superbike in 2015 (assuming they are still returning). I have been a bit worried, as it sounded like attendance for WSBK was quite low.

  3. We overheard Gill Campbell say they lost money this year but not as much as they lost last year "so I guess we're headed in the right direction."

    I am a bit worried but I expect attendance to improve once people accept that SBK is all we're going to get on the west coast.

    A big hindrance is lack of TV support. The only way I can watch the races is to pay for a subscription to SBK on the net.

    Vender support was down. No Triumph. No Honda!! No BMW!!??!!!
    The Aprilia tent was all abuzz.
    Rover was there giving rides in new Range Rovers over steep humps but no BMW?????!!!!!!!!!!!

    An amazing number of Multistrada 1200s were in the parking area. Seemed like the most common model. Absolutely no traffic problems. Zip in. Zip out.

    Go next year. The umbrella girls alone are worth the trip.
  4. I echo Breeze. Had a comped suite above the pits on Saturday, so got to see the acceleration off of the last turn and also out the back, so to see the bikes come down off of the corkscrew. Manufacturer representation was kinda off, either a big efforts, Kawi, Ducati, and Suzuki or nothing, Honda. Got to see the new Also 4c sports car...looks like a nice ride, if you can fit into it. Old Porche 914 ergos. Like doing the pit walks and looking into them. Overall a good time.