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Riding to McCall tomorrow (Friday, July 1st)

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Soul, Jun 30, 2005.

  1. Hey,
    I am gunna ride down to McCall for the weekend. I was just gunna see if anyone is headed down to boise or anyone else going to McCall for the weekend, it might be nice to have a little company for the trip down. I will prolly be leaving around noon or a little later, so if you have some plans in that area let me know and maybe we can ride together.
  2. Shwaa

    Shwaa Retired

    Have a safe ride. If I wasn't working I'd be there!

  3. Thanks man, I will try..
    All these "wear your gear" posts with pics included make me nervous. Course i will be sportin jacket gloves and helmet..but all i got are jeans and boots for the legs/feet. I am worried about the 10 miles of grooved pavement outside of lewiston in the mtns there as well. Maybe some random will see this and wanna ride..or I will just pass randoms until i find a couple bikers to lag behind of conspicuously(SP). :)
  4. I went that way on my way to Reno a couple of weeks ago...the grooved pavement you mentioned is nothing to worry about. Have fun!

  5. Woowoo! Thanks SpokaneXX, makes me feel a little better. This will be my longest trip on my bike..and my first weekend trip on the bike as well.
  6. If your camping in McCall the Ponderosa campground is a nice place to camp. They have showers and the grounds are really close to town and right on the lake. Not sure if it'll be booked for the weekend but it's a thought if your camping. Also there's a good hamburger joint called My Father's Place ( I think ) that had good food. There a bicycle shop in McCall and the young man who works there is the son of the man who owns the burger joint. Can't remember his name but he sold me a pair of bicycle shorts with the padding in the ass and crotch for more comfort while on those long rides.
  7. Thanks whistle..Actually my lady has a cabin up there..I am kinda spoiled that way but I havent spent too much time in the area..I may havta hit up that burger joint if it isnt too crowded over the weekend..Seems like it is going to be full of people up there..hmm.
  8. One other question..Have any of you guys ridden the white bird grade on the way to McCall..Not the highway part, but there is a turn at the top of the hill there on the left side(when your headed towards mccall)?
    If you dont know what im talking about go to and search whitebird idaho and zoom in abit and look for the whitebird grade road..looks like a decent ride..last time i came up through McCall(last week) it looked like the whole road was freshly paved and looked completely empty..Just wondering if someone has ridden it so they can tell me not to do it or whatever while im on my way down..if I get no input I will check it out and maybe snap a few pictures..