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Road conditions for Rocky Point and McNamee

Discussion in 'Portland Region' started by spdfrk, May 17, 2012.

  1. For all those who love the west hill roads....FYI, Rocky Point is still pretty dirty. Lower section is cleaner than the upper section and it is trversable but riders beware of the upper section and take caution on the lower section.

    McNamee Rd. is clean and beautifull!!
  2. For a sm, they've been perfect for weeks. Try it its a addiction!

  3. I've never seen Rocky Point without... well... rocks. But yes, great for a sumo any time of the year :mfclap: And boy do I miss McNamee!
  4. Newberry is primo as well!
  5. New paving on Shadybrook and Logie is fine for Logie . . . did I pass by you today?
  6. Yup, I saw you....traditional wave was gestured....
  7. I rode several area roads this evening... after this morning's rain, I would recommend being careful on the side roads off Skyline (McNamee, Germantown, Newberry, etc).
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