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Road Reports

Discussion in 'Pullman / Moscow' started by Fighterama, May 19, 2005.

  1. Can some of you kids help me out with some roads ive been looking at? Anyone been on these?

    194 through almota to lower granite

    cloverland rd out of lewiston

    campbell grade out of lewiston

    meyers ridge out of lewiston

    troy to potlatch

    Any other juicy ones please let me know!
  2. I've done Troy to Potlatch.

    It's cold. Everytime I've been on it, it's cold, and a time even where there was still ice on the road, but it's fun.

    It's fairly windy, nice twisties, and great sceenery, it's just very wooded. You go thru a few little towns that are nice, but it's not a short trip though. I would recommend it for one of those superhot summer days here in the Palouse... but otherwise, it's nothing overly extra special.

    The other ones, I might have been on, just don't know the names. Sorry!


  3. cordodor

    cordodor Retired

    Watch for Moose and Elk!
  4. almota is a cool ride, beans went with us on that ride, and now with the dam open you can continue on to the dunes...pomeroy and make a loop out of it through lewiston up the spiral and back home. it'll be a good ride. also, the rattlesnake grade south of asotin (and the asotin grade) are all good rides too, watch for gravel and rocks on the rattlesnake, especially on the Oregon side. Give yourself about 4 hours for that ride. finally, a ride to coure dlane via marys...east side of the lake. we did that and came back 95 and cut over to palouse. good ride, but we did it in october and it was COLD. and i only had my tinted visor and we stayed out till after dark. quite a rush going 80mph at night with a tinted visor (just follow the taillights!) hehe. hope this helps.
  5. `Thanks... but keep em coming, I wanna know about those roads out in the east palouse. I have family in dayton so I make laps down there from time to time (central and lyons ferry, middle waitsburg, etc) but looked like theres some good stuff inbetwixt that I should session a bit as well. Plus the stuff around here gets old when you lap it 2-3x a week.

  6. The highway from Moscow to Troy...then take the Kendrick Grade into Kendrick. At the bottom you can go right to Lewiston or left to Deary and up the Deary grade. Very pretty ride either way.

    Also...if you want to go farther...go to Tory...To Deary...To the junction you can go left to St. Maries or right to Elk River and eat a burger at the Elk River Cafe. Keep in mind the paved highway to Elk River is one way way out...unless you want to take the gravel road all the way to Dent Acres to Dworshak Resivor for some camping and fishing.

    The roads out of Clarkston towards the Blue Mountains are also another ride...but'll hit gravel eventually.

    Friends and I just did the ride to the Rattlesnake Grade last weekend and up Bueford Grade going into Oregon and as was for gravel on that grade...not real could make the turns more exciting than you'll want. ;)
  7. Ive been down to joseph a few times, very cool road through the rattlesnake, definitely an epic bike road, just waiting for the weather to cooperate and the road to be clean (not to mention the ticks are CRAZY down there this time of year!). Also was hopin to hear about someone hittin up Lolo at some point this year, I think theres a few people from spokane doing it memorial weekend, would love to know how the road is doing now. Anywho, keep em comin!

  8. I've ridden out toward Orofino and the roads seem just fine. Not sure about the rest of the way up highway 12 onto LoLo but I would guess it's doable by now. Am going that way in July.