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Road Trip 2008 Oregon & N. California

Discussion in 'Ride Reports' started by R.W., Jun 26, 2008.

  1. We left for this trip on June 21 and they opened the gates on June 23rd, it was a good thing we hit Crater Lake on the way back or we would have run in to the same problem you did. As far as how we deal with those long straightaways, we let Mike lead because we knew he would get us there a little quicker because he just can't handle straightaways no matter what the circumstances...
  2. Yes me and straightaways do not get along:thefinge: So when I saw that road I was like not HWY 96 again:angry7: But atleast the leo's don't patrol that road like 96:ninja:

  3. Great pics! I will have to say having been born and raised in Oregon ya'll where right on top of one of the best roads in the state and missed it! Highway 138 from the 97 junction to Roseburg is a kick in the pants! I will have to dig up some pictures and post them up later.

    Somewhere laying around I have some pics of me standing on top of 20+ feet of snow at Crater Lake in mid August.

  4. I've read about that road but unfortunately it wouldn't have worked out for our route, are route had us crossing from Central Oregon to the Ashland area on Hwy 66 and Dead Indian on the way back.
  5. Just posting because I miss my friends. Some of the best times of my life was on these motorcycle road trips with my Washington buddies.
  6. Rw, its been too long. Hope you are still on 2 wheels
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